This Fancy Face Mask Gave Me the Glowiest Skin of My Life


Kat Borchart

New York is a funny place—I mean, aside from the sporadic questionable smells that hit you like a wall, street hecklers, and peculiar subway encounters (here's looking at you, pizza rat). It's the weather that trips me up the most (yes, even more so than a pizza-wielding rodent). One day it feels like I'm in the Sahara Desert, and then the next thing I know, I'm in Antartica. And in the case of the latter, my skin goes haywire—it's dry, it's ruddy, and it's not nearly as youthful and glowy as its desert heyday. Which is why this time of year, I need to call in some major reinforcements.

Enter Verso's aptly named Intense Hydration Mask. With such a promising moniker, I had to take it for a test-drive. Upon eagerly ripping open the package, I was greeted with an endearing hydrogel texture—my absolute favorite kind of sheet mask. Sometimes you'll get a mask that looks like you've soaked a piece of copy paper in serum and placed it over your skin—it's thick, stiff, and doesn't stay put. No, this mask has the most glorious slippy texture that grips onto my face like a magnet. I left it on a bit longer than instructed (30 minutes versus the recommended 20) peeled it off, and immediately saw a noticeable difference in my skin's appearance. Excited by these results, I took a bit of the extra "juice" out of the packet and slathered it my neck and décolleté, expecting to wake up the next day looking like a baby cherub.

When morning came, I wasn't exactly a cherub (one can dream), but my skin was definitely feelin' itself. It glowed, it was dewy—it had a bit of pep in its step, so to speak. The hydration (made possible by its patented Artificial Moisturizing Factor) keeps skin moist for up to 30 hours. And after taking another look at the package, I read that these masks are developed in Sweden and made in Korea, and had a bit of an aha moment. Swedish and Korean women have fascinating routines that yield impeccable complexions, so finding a mask that combines the skincare knowledge of both countries feels like I've hit a gold mine. An age-reversing, skin-repairing goldmine.

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