Verb's Texture Products Add Instant Volume to Dirty Hair and I'm in Love

With no residue.



Verb's Volume Dry Texture Spray ($18) and its sister product, the Volume Texture Powder ($18) work together and solo to revive limp and even dirty hair with volume and texture without the gritty, powder feeling that accompanies so many similar products. Both come in rose pink cans and act as texturizer and dry shampoo, shaping up my own less-than-clean hair with just a few spritzes. They both go a long way, particularly if you're a fan of clean-hair feeling and second-day-hair hold.

Pink bottle of hair spray
Verb Volume Dry Texture Spray $18

The Volume Texture Powder is just that, a styling powder that instantly lifts roots for enviable volume and body. The bottle's pump dispenses the powder with a very satisfying puff, but one or two is all you need for noticeably fuller hair, thanks to key ingredients B5 and tapioca starch. Unlike other root-pumping products, this one actually leaves no residue and avoids that sticky spray-powder feeling. The powder's glycerine content works its magic, retaining existing moisture to keep the hair soft instead of stiff.

Powder in pink bottle
Verb Volume Texture Powder $18

That goes for the Volume Dry Texture Spray as well, which is now my go-to multi-use product for everything. Hair dirty? I'm using it as a dry shampoo. Hair extremely clean? I'm using it for texture. Hat hair? Lift. Curled hair? It adds light hold to preserve styles. I love traditional dry shampoo to give my clean hair some life but how it feels afterwards makes my skin crawl the same way it does when I think too long about the word chalk. Ugh, I just got a chill. No such chill with this spray, powered by B5 and aloe vera. The Spray manages to hit the perfect combination: hair looks and feels wash day clean with dirty hair hold.

Desk set up

Amanda Ross

I've tested these products extensively. (I've literally used them every day since they arrived at my house early last week.) Below, see how the product brings back to life my freshly-washed hair. I did blow dry it with a round brush before application, but that's just to drive my point home further: Even with a blowout, my hair is still undeniably flat and lifeless.

I've got my routine down to a science. First, I use the powder and dispense one puff on either side of my part and again underneath the forelocks closest to my face—a little lift in the front makes everyone look more confident and active. Next, I apply the Spray to my roots and on top. Then, I section my hair into three tiers and spray underneath. All that's left is some finger-tousling and suddenly, I'm looking significantly perkier.

Before and after verb

Amanda Ross

The difference is instant, obvious, and long-lasting. The only breakdown in volume I saw was underneath my hair after an hour-long walk. I'd be lying if I said the price point didn't also appeal to me. Often, I'll get sent a product and love it only to be vaguely disappointed that it's not quite in my budget to keep repurchasing. Verb's (relatively) low cost means I can spray and spritz and puff with abandon. And while I'd rather have had heat, water, power and a general sense of well-being last month, I did have movie star hair. A sign of our times, y'all.

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