This All-Natural Oil Transformed My Hair With Just a Few Drops

Split ends and dry scalp are no match for Verb's new hair oil made from a "miracle tree."

Verb Moringa + Jojoba Treatment Oil


It's old hat at this point to go on about how the past year has forced everyone to take stock, streamline, minimize, and hold on only to the things that actually serve them. We've seen that "clean it up" attitude applied to relationships, work, and home organization, and the beauty world is getting in on this efficient mentality, too. Verb, which is already the haircare line for anyone seeking salon-quality products at an accessible price point, launched a new hair oil to fit seamlessly into your already pared-down routine.

Available today, the Moringa + Jojoba Treatment Oil ($18) is more than just your average hair oil housed in an appealing, rainbow-striped glass bottle (although the packaging is cute). Made with just three all-natural ingredients, the oil is Verb's first 100 percent natural product, and it's made with certified clean materials. There are several ways to reap the rewards of this plant-and-vitamin-powered oil, but they all yield the same result: hydrated, healthy hair from scalp to tips.

Verb Moringa + Jojoba Treatment Oil


The Ingredients

Formulated with three ingredients, Verb's new hair oil includes all the haircare heavy hitters. With hydrating and protective ingredients like moringa oil, jojoba oil, and vitamin E, this product has all the right nourishing components to earn a permanent spot on your shelf.

You're probably already familiar with vitamin E, a prevalent hair oil ingredient. Studies show vitamin E can do everything from stimulating blood flow in the scalp for faster growth to locking in moisture for shine, which also protects against further breakage. All this just from adding a few drops to your conditioner.

On the other hand, Jojoba oil made a recent breakthrough from health food aisle mainstay to skin and haircare star. This shrub-derived ingredient is seriously hydrating—in fact, it's technically not even an oil at all but a thin wax that makes it almost identical to human sebum. Jojoba mimics your natural oil production to restore moisture balance to the scalp, hydrate individual strands to repair heat damage, and even halt dandruff.

Rounding out the Verb product ingredient list is moringa oil, made from the seeds of a superfood tree. The ingredient is already present in some of Verb's other best-selling products, like their signature Ghost Weightless Hair Oil ($18). Fatty acids found in moringa hydrate and smooth hair shafts like a deep conditioning treatment, minus the weight and long development times.

Key Ingredients

Native to India and Bangladesh, the moringa oleifera tree is often referred to as "the miracle tree" due to its vitamin and antioxidant-packed leaves. In fact, the leaves and seeds used to create moringa oil contain 92 known nutrients and 46 antioxidants.

How To Use It

According to the brand, there are a few different ways you can use Moringa + Jojoba Hair Oil to target different hair, body, and scalp needs. In fact, that's arguably the best thing about this all-natural oil: it's all good for you, so there aren't too many wrong ways to apply it. I personally tried out four different uses for the oil and each was equally effective, albeit in different ways.

The Review

First up, I tried a simple application with a few drops to my ponytail while it was both dry and damp. As I emptied the dropper of oil into my palms to rub in my hair, I was struck by the product's lack of scent. It was a real aha moment, considering the whole point is formula excluding all the superfluous, chemical-y ingredients (like fragrance) often found in the candy-scented products of my past. Applying oil had an immediate effect. My dry hair was noticeably softer—the kind of softness that usually requires same-day diffuser use. I saw an even more conspicuous effect when I put the oil on damp hair and allowed it to dry.

To combat a dry scalp, Verb also suggests using the oil as a pre-wash treatment, massaging a few drops into roots before letting them sit for a few minutes before you shampoo. Personally, my scalp isn't particularly dry so I couldn't observe many changes, but my hair did have considerably more volume at the roots.

My favorite method of application involved mixing up a haircare cocktail with the oil and any masque I had on hand. I tried this with the (life-changing) Colorwow x Chris Appleton Money Masque ($45), which resulted in hair so shiny, it was practically reflective.

Because of the clean ingredients, this oil can also be used on rough bits of skin, cuticles, and anywhere else that might need some softening and moisture. I found Verb's oil to be as hydrating as any cuticle oil, along with the added bonus of not leaving my fingers greasy. It's safe to say this little glass bottle passed all my tests, earning it a permanent spot on the nightstand.

The Verdict

The treatment oil is a product for beauty minimalists, which is something I'm aspiring to be. Not bogged down by fragrance, chemicals, silicon, or anything but three naturally-derived oils, the treatment gently guides your hair back to where it should be—rather than staging some hostile (yet moisturizing) takeover. Pair that with Verb's famous $18 price point and they've got themselves yet another winner.

Verb Moringa + Jojoba Oil
Verb Moringa + Jojoba Treatment Oil $18.00

Verb Moringa + Jojoba Treatment Oil is available today, April 27, on It arrives at other retailers in early May. 

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