Verb: Brand Review and 8 Must-Have Products

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They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover but when it comes to beauty products, it's easy to get drawn in by gorgeous packaging. As exciting as luxe wrappings can be, there is something undeniably cool about a brand that knows its products are so good that they don't need a flashy container to prove it. At the intersection of high-quality, affordable haircare and sophisticated minimalist packaging, you'll find Verb.

Verb has made a name for itself by providing professional-grade hair care at affordable prices. I, like many others, first became familiar with Verb through its iconic Ghost Oil. I have since come to love the brand for its Curl line, which is color-safe, cruelty-free, and free of sulfates, parabens, and gluten (just like all of the brand's hair products). My favorite thing about Verb products has to be the scent, as each somehow manages to smell more divine than the last.


Founded: Claire Moses, Michael Portman, and Jayson Rapaport, 2011

Based In: Founded in Austin, Texas; Based in New York City

Pricing: $$

Best Known For: High-quality haircare in understated minimalist packaging that is affordable, color-safe, and cruelty-free.

Most Popular Products: Ghost Oil, Curl Shampoo, and Curl Conditioner 

Fun Fact: Co-founder Claire Moses has known her two fellow co-founders since childhood and first started as their intern while in college.

Other Brands You’ll Love: Amika, Gisou Haircare, R+Co

From its inception, Verb has been focused on providing professional quality products at an accessible price for those passionate about hair care. "In 2011, if you wanted to buy a high-quality hair care product, you had to spend upwards of $30," shares Verb co-founder Claire Moses. "We felt the space between salon-quality and mass-market shampoo was just too big and products were not speaking to the end consumer that was using them... at Verb, we specialize in making hair care that works (at an accessible price) for all hair types," Moses explains.

The understated packaging offers a glimpse into the brand's overall attitude: authentic. "Our content is un-retouched and our products say what they do and definitely do what they say," says Moses. "It is about creating a no-fuss approach to hair care that any consumer, regardless of their skill level, can take home and know they will get the results they want." Verb prides itself on "real people, real products, real results."

While Verb was created by millennials for millennials looking to trade up from drugstore hair care, Moses says their audience today is so much wider than they could have ever imagined. "We love that a top comment we hear about Verb is that it's shareable. It is that product you have in your shower that your plus one, kids, friends, and roommates want to use."

Read on for our favorite Verb products for healthy, beautiful hair.

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Ghost Oil

Verb Ghost Oil
Verb Ghost Oil $20.00

Perhaps the most famous product from Verb, the Ghost Oil is an ultra-lightweight hair oil that is clinically proven to enhance shine by 75 percent. It uses moringa oil, bamboo extract, and argan oil, and leaves hair looking and feeling healthy. It has a really light, fresh scent that reminds me faintly of grapefruit and lingers on the hair long after it's applied. It is intended for all hair types, but I would caution that a little goes a long way with this nourishing oil, and those with fine hair may find it too heavy for their strands.

I found this perfect for refreshing my curls if they got frizzy. I would take two to three drops and work them between my palms before smoothing the oil over my hair. I would recommend either using it on freshly washed damp hair or first misting your hair as I did for a curl refresh.

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Curl Shampoo

Verb Curl Shampoo
Verb Curl Shampoo $20.00

Whenever I try a new sulfate-free shampoo, I am always intrigued to see how well it will lather. While I occasionally use sulfates, I like to have sulfate-free cleansers on hand to clean my hair without stripping it of moisture. I was really impressed with the lather of the Curl Shampoo. It is very densely formulated, so just a small amount worked into enough rich suds to clean my entire head. This shampoo manages to leave the hair feeling both clean and hydrated—a tall order for a cleanser.

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Curl Conditioner

Verb Curl Conditioner
Verb Curl Conditioner $20.00

An excellent complement to the Curl Shampoo, the Curl Conditioner contains nourishing fatty acids courtesy of shea butter. Some conditioners leave little to no effect on the hair when washed out, but this is not one of them. The Curl Conditioner is so hydrating, I have been using it as a deep conditioning treatment on my fine, curly hair. Your hair will feel the effects of this conditioner long after you get out of the shower. I think this conditioner will be great for those with very curly or dry hair, but it may be too heavy for fine or wavy hair as it is extremely moisturizing.

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Ghost Exfoliating Scalp Nectar

Verb Ghost Exfoliating Scalp Nectar
Verb Ghost Exfoliating Scalp Nectar $20.00

You know the feeling: You've put off wash day one too many days and now you can feel the oil and buildup on your scalp. For days when your scalp needs a little extra TLC to feel clean, reach for the Ghost Exfoliating Scalp Nectar. Powered by AHAs and PHAs, this serum gently exfoliates and helps remove product buildup, dead skin, and debris for a clean, refreshed scalp. I found this serum really helpful for wash days after I had used dry shampoo to make sure my scalp felt fully clean.

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Sea Spray

Sea Spray
Verb Sea Spray $20.00

Finally, a sea spray with staying power. In addition to being one of the best smelling products in the line, the Sea Spray is also highly effective at providing texture and gentle hold. This spray is perfect for beachy waves; simply scrunch it into damp hair and either diffuse or let your hair air dry.

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Curl Leave-In Conditioner

Curl Leave-In Conditioner
Verb Curl Leave-In Conditioner $20.00

Typically, when I use a leave-in conditioner, it's for an air-dry day or putting my hair up in a protective bun to slow-dry. This leave-in was absolutely perfect for these uses and I will likely bring it with me on my next vacation to help fight the damage caused by the pool and sun. I did not find this leave-in to leave behind much residue, but it definitely hydrates your curls—so it may not be a product that works well on finer curls or in combination with other styling products, as it could weigh down the hair.

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Ghost Dry Conditioner Oil

Ghost Dry Conditioner Oil
Verb Ghost Dry Oil $20.00

Unlike anything I have ever tried before, the Ghost Dry Oil manages to make dry shampooed hair look freshly blown out. This is definitely a must-try product if your find the original Ghost Oil too rich, as this version absorbs rapidly and is lighter on the hair.

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Dry Shampoo for Light Hair

Dry Shampoo for Light Hair
Verb Dry Shampoo for Light Hair $20.00

Verb offers two different dry shampoos: one for light hair and one for dark. It is becoming more common for dry shampoos intended for dark hair to utilize dark brown coloring to help brunettes avoid the dreaded unblended streak of white dry shampoo. But this was the first time that I saw a dry shampoo intended for light hair that was not white. Verb's Dry Shampoo for Light Hair has a light violet hue. Following the same logic as purple shampoos and conditioners, this dry shampoo can help to decrease the look of yellow or brassy tones in blondes while also helping to absorb excess oil.

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