Are Hormones Affecting Your Skin? This Brand Will Help You Find Out

An inside-out approach to skincare.

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It's a pretty universal truth that in order to fully understand how something works, you also need to know why it works. We apply that principle to science and innovation, but we can also use it to understand the beauty world, particularly with targeted skincare.

For example, if you never learn why you're breaking out—pimple patches and spot treatments can be amazing quick fixes—you'll never understand what's causing the condition in the first place. Our skin is alive, our largest organ, and things like diet, hormonal imbalances, and medications easily affect its function. But, unless you're developing a solid plan to get to know your skin, it can be futile (and more than a little frustrating) to get to the root causes of underlying conditions.

No one knows that better than Allie Egan. The founder of Veracity, a new hormone testing-based skincare brand, has been a longtime fixture in the beauty and wellness sphere. Read on to learn about how Veracity measures key biofactors, including hormones, pH, and other key indicators of skin health to deliver personalized skincare.

The Inspiration

Exhausted after years of trying and failing to solve her own skin problems, clarity arrived in the form of a fertility test while Egan was trying to conceive. It was then that the brand founder learned she had an underactive thyroid, the real culprit behind her chronic dry skin and her fertility struggles.

Egan knew she couldn't be alone in this process—and she was right. It's estimated that 42 million women in the U.S. alone experience skin problems related to biofactors like hormones, allergies, and underlying health imbalances that manifest in and on their skin. Her company, Veracity, is dedicated to deciphering what's really going on, both on the surface and beneath your skin.

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The Mission

Veracity's dermatologist-backed new skincare line—which, along with their signature test kit, was developed to treat and understand skin—is now available for purchase. The brand's line of three hero products, all vegan and formulated without endocrine disruptors (even the packaging was designed with the help of a hormonal health Ph.D.), are engineered to treat the top causes of hormone-disrupting skin concerns. They're also gentle enough for all skin types and conditions like pregnancy. It's a true inside-out approach to skincare that could provide answers that many of us have been seeking for years. This test-and-treat program can also restore a sense of control if you're someone with unpredictable flare-ups and skin changes.

And, as Egan points out, hormones causing skin problems could also be exhibited in other health concerns. Tired of the dismissive and generalized, "It's just a hormone thing!" from healthcare providers, Egan wants us all to know exactly what's happening in our bodies. If knowledge is power, then Veracity could be the most genuinely empowering skincare breakthrough in a while.

How It Works

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The Veracity Skin + Health Test operates something like a skin-focused 23AndMe, minus the genetic analysis, of course. When the kit arrives, you'll deposit a bit of saliva (ideally done first thing in the morning to get the most accurate read) into the included vial and send it back in the self-addressed packet to the lab.

From there, your biomarkers are analyzed for five key hormones and pH, and the results are reviewed by a team of board-certified doctors who create a personalized plan of skincare recommendations. Along with numeric readouts of exactly what hormones are off and by how much (and what it all means), the assessments also come with recommendations for small, actionable lifestyle changes that might regulate other fluctuations.

"We've tried to make it so it's not this unattainable wellness, where the only things you could do are 'stop drinking alcohol and cut out dairy altogether' type of things," Egan explains. Rather the brand encourages "positive, proactive things that will help to rebalance your hormones."

The Products

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Vital Concentrates in Inflammation Response

The personalized product recommendations, developed by Veracity's testing kit, are where the real fun begins. Vital Concentrates ($55) is a powerhouse elixir carefully calibrated to fight the most common causes of hormonal skin problems through clinical-strength actives and natural botanicals alike. Available in different forms to target conditions like acne, hyperpigmentation, dry patches, and dull skin, it's your active offense against skin-ravaging hormones.



Veracity's BioEvolve Serum ($85) imitates your skin's natural protection processes to repair moisture barrier function and increase hydration. It's also the best line of defense against environmental stressors like excessive blue light damage and encourages self-repair on a cellular level.



The BioEvolve Moisturizer ($75), housed in a soothing goblet-green tub, is a rich, replenishing cream that infuses moisturizer into the skin for up to 72 hours after application. Also developed with a proprietary, anti-aging formula, the moisturizer also increases cell turnover for smoother texture and increased elasticity.

The Bottom Line

Through her own journey, Egan developed a community platform filled with personal stories, well-researched tips, and access to experts, which gives Veracity a we're-all-in-this-together feel. Figuring out your skin is a process that often feels isolating and lonely. And, learning that your hormones are off can be jarring. Veracity's commitment to providing you with all the information, tools to combat the problems, and a place to learn from collective knowledge is a top-down experience that could only come from someone who's lived it.

Firsthand knowledge of hormonal disruption, experienced in a systemically misogynistic and racist arena, lead Egan to donate a portion of all skin test sales to research groups and a portion of merch sales to the Black Women's Health Imperative. "It's just so exciting to really open up people's eyes to what's going on in their body, and then giving them a real starting point to make progress," Egan says. It's self-care in its truest form.

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