Venus Williams on Empowerment, Being Well, and Advice From Serena

venus williams

Venus Williams has built an inspiring legacy—as an athlete, as a woman, and as an absolute powerhouse. Her numerous championship wins are just the beginning of the conversation. Williams went pro at the age of 14 and later became the first Black woman to score the world's top rank for singles players. Her game—methodical, graceful, and dynamic—is just as much an experience for the spectator as it is for her adversary. And now, as a 38-year-old woman with athleticism in spades, her career has had a resurgence during a time when most other players hang up their whites. More than tennis, she has degrees in fashion design, business administration, and interior architecture, as well as her own fashion-forward activewear brand, EleVen. Which leads me to her most recent venture, a spring collaboration with the ever-popular subscription box FabFitFun. 

Williams created a co-branded jump rope and the company curated the rest of the box, offering up a selection of gems that'll help you workout (if you so choose) but also generally live a more balanced life. We chatted with the icon over email and she revealed more about the partnership, her beauty go-tos, and how she continues to feel confident, empowered, and strong. Plus, some incredible advice from her sister, Serena.

venus williams fabfitfun box

On the Collaboration...

"I've been a fan of FabFitFun for quite some time now, and the collaboration felt like the right fit at the right time. FabFitFun's mission is to empower women on their fitness journey with these monthly reminders to keep hustling, and my EleVen brand is also built on that mission. We're both pushing people to be better than their best. The jump rope can withstand any workout, any intensity. It’s designed with a PVC rope that makes it sturdier and ensures it won't wear and tear. It’s also super lightweight so you can take wherever you want—the gym, the beach, anywhere. Really, this jump rope is awesome."

On Workouts and Confidence...

"Strength training gives me confidence. There’s this feeling when you crush a workout—it’s empowering and you feel like you can take on the world. Picking a favorite workout is tough because I love switching it up—no two days of workouts a week are the same for me. I love plyometrics and planks."

There’s this feeling when you crush a workout—it’s empowering and you feel like you can take on the world.

venus williams

On Her Go-To Beauty Products...

"I wish I could say I have a dedicated routine. But for me, I like trying the 'new new.' Right now, I'm loving ZO Skin Health's C-Bright Serum ($93). I use it on my body and face and it’s the perfect weapon against free radicals. I’ve noticed a difference since I started using it and swear by it. Not really a skincare necessity, but I also live for a good green juice—I try to start every busy day with one. My makeup is typically pared-down. I don't go over-the-top with it and love classic beauty looks—the perfect red lip, glowy skin. That said, I swear by Milani's Stay Put Waterproof Eyeliner ($6). It’s so affordable and never smudges. Seriously. I can wear it on the court or for a night out and know it’s gonna stay put—see what I did there?"

On Her Pre-Match Rituals and Learning to Quiet All the Noise...

"Breathe. Center yourself. Then hustle. I also have to give it to Serena for giving me the advice I’ve carried with me throughout my career. When we were kids, I asked Serena if she was nervous about a match. She said she wasn’t nervous because we have to show up, and if we're already showing up, we might as well compete. I also swear by a good Vinyasa flow to clear the head. It just takes you to a whole different level of calm that I don’t typically get in my busy schedule. And, I have to be honest here, spending time with my dog Harold is the ultimate act of self-care. He brings me so much joy! I bring him everywhere—he's a well-traveled dog, I’ll tell you that."

venus williams

On What Wellness Means to Her...

"Wellness to me means staying in-tune with my body and my mind. I feel my best when I am my best, and vice-versa. I’m very mindful and in touch with myself to ensure I’m living 'well.' I also find when I strive for something, I’m my best self. It’s that feeling of pushing myself to be better that empowers me and keeps me ready to take on the day."

It’s that feeling of pushing myself to be better that empowers me and keeps me ready to take on the day.

On Her Game-Day Playlist...

"I’ve started feeling like a connoisseur of music because I'm always answering this question. I really love anything by Frank Ocean or David Guetta. And Ciara!"

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