10 Velvet Star Manicure Ideas That Are Out of This World

French manicure with gold velvet tips and black star decals


Velvet nail designs, which use magnetic nail polish to create the illusion of the popular textural fabric, have been everywhere recently, both alongside fashion trends and as part of a particularly imaginative era for manicure designs. In addition to the classic solid style, we've seen the look combined with designs like French tips and negative space swirls, but if you're looking for something with an extra touch of sparkle, velvet star nails are your answer. Combined with the subtle shimmer of the velvet polish, the celestial touch creates a mesmerizing finish that truly shines bright like a diamond—especially when paired with your favorite jewelry. Keep reading for 10 velvet star nail ideas that will skyrocket your mani into the stratosphere.

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Starry Velvet Chrome

Champagne chrome velvet nails with white star designs


The next time you visit your nail tech, show them these golden velvet chrome nails that are sure to make you feel like a literal star. The stark white star decals pop against the shimmering backdrop.

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Hint of Midnight

Velvety, celestial, and dreamy all accurately describe this mani. The combination of the silvery velvet, the strips of midnight blue, and the shining star decals makes for some standout moody night sky nail art.

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Ombré Velvet Stars

Fuchsia to baby peach velvet ombre nails with star designs


The ombré effect hasn’t gone anywhere over its past several years of popularity, meaning it's safe to say it's here for the long run. This soft, velvet ombré from fuchsia to baby peach elongates the nails and makes a stunning base for a cluster of dainty star designs.

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Black and Gold

French manicure with gold velvet tips and black star decals


This French mani is a great velvet star nail design for all those who tend to gravitate towards subtle, neutral nails. A golden velvet tip creates understated glimmering intrigue, while the dark star details add a boost of contrast.

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Galaxy Velvet

Looking to recreate the feeling of sitting under the stars, even when clouds or city smog prevent you from seeing the real thing? This nail art features extravagant planets, stars, and celestial belts layered on a deep iridescent velvet base to provide a magical, expansive experience.

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Holographic Velvet

Purple holographic velvet nails with heart decals and gems


Brunch dates just got more luxurious. Show up with these holographic purple velvet nails with pops of hearts, stars, and stones for a flashy, fun look that works for almost any occasion.

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Party Nails

Gold velvet nails with hot pink star designs


The gold velvet on these nails is blinding as is, but the pink stars take things to the next level. Together, the look is cheery and sure to be the life of the party.

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Velvet Star French

Combining classic nail designs with on-trend textures means the French manicure gets reimagined constantly. Lilac velvet tips and elegant star details turn what would be a simple nail design into shimmering statement.

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Velvet Star Barbiecore

Pink velvet manicure with star bling decals


If you love all things Barbiecore, these hot pink velvet star nails are just what you need in your life. The starry cutout appliqués add a little extra touch that you didn’t know your nail art needed.

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Pearlescent Chrome

Pastel pink chrome velvet manicure with gold star designs


Take your love for chrome stars into velvet territory with these celestial, pearlescent nails, which will make you want to bust out your tarot cards and crystals to manifest all the things you deserve. While we may not know your astrological sign, something tells us that this mani will attract positive energy.

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