This One Small Change Will Make Your Smoothie Bowl a Whole Lot Healthier

Updated 01/28/18
vegetable smoothie bowl: Food Faith Fitness
Food Faith Fitness

There's nothing more saintly than tucking into a wholesome smoothie bowl at the breakfast table, right? Well, kinda. Of course, getting all those vitamins by way of fruit and vegetables before you've even left for work is a good way to start the day, but there's a hidden nuisance lurking between the layers of smoothie, fruit and seeds: sugar.

Now, we don't want to scaremonger you into forgoing your favourite breakfast altogether, but it would be beneficial to perhaps reconsider its component parts. And in fact, there's a new smoothie bowl trend doing the rounds on Instagram that can make the whole thing a lot less sugary in an instant. That's switching up your base to a cauliflower smoothie instead.

Sounds gross right? Well, trust us, once it's pulverised with the rest of your ingredients, cauliflower actually tastes pretty delicious and it's got health benefits aplenty. Not only is it lower in sugar, thus reducing the overall sugar content of your bowl, but according to Jade Barkett, a naturopathic nutritionist at Grace Belgravia, "Cauliflower is a brassica vegetable and therefore rich in glucosinolates which may support the elimination or neutralisation of carcinogenic factors, therefore inhibiting cancer development." Once blended it also takes on that creamy consistency we often rely on fructose-heavy bananas for.

For the switch, make cauliflower the most prominent ingredient in your smoothie base and add fruits in lesser quantities to taste. Barkett suggests avoiding bananas and apples, limiting berries and trying to work in more vegetables, like leafy greens, beetroot and carrot, which will add a little sweetness. Give this recipe for a blueberry-cauliflower smoothie bowl by Food Heaven Made Easy a go, and it'll soon change your preconceptions around using the vegetable in your breakfast.

It's not just cauliflower that you should be throwing into your Nutribullet: "Go for frozen peas for extra greens, spinach, kale, broccoli and avocado. Add in a good quality protein powder, nut butter/nut milk and you’re good to go," adds Barkett.

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