Yes, Good Vegan Makeup Brushes Do Exist: Try These

It may seem like everything and everyone is going vegan, but we swear it's more than just a trend. Today more than ever, we are demanding to know exactly what ingredients and materials are being put on faces and in our bodies. We want to make informed decisions, ones that will benefit our overall health, and this goes beyond makeup, skincare, haircare, and diet. This definitely applies to the tools we use as well.

Vegan makeup brushes are great alternatives if you're looking to put your money toward something that doesn't harm animals and other living creatures. While it's easy to assume vegan makeup brushes aren't a thing or that they aren't as good as conventional ones, we're here in the hopes that everyone give them another shot. We've rounded up the best ones out there. So go on and check out our picks for great vegan brushes below.