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Vaseline for Your Eyebrows: Can It Make Them Grow Fuller?

Lucy Hale selfie with long lashes

We discuss DIY solutions for hair growth (especially pertaining to our eyebrows) at length here at Byrdie HQ. From castor oil to coconut oil, many swear by the potent powers of the inhabitants of our kitchen cabinets for boosting the lushness of our natural fringe—but do they actually work? According to experts, probably not. The same, unfortunately, goes for our beloved, ridiculously huge tub of Vaseline. Sorry, despite its large array of magical skin perks, it won't grant you Rapunzel-esque strands overnight. However, it will help condition them—an important aspect of hair growth, eyebrows included! 

Vaseline 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly Skin Protectant $3

Just like our sacred collections of oils, Vaseline will infuse dry and dehydrated strands with a powerful punch of moisture. Plus, the fragrance-free salve can help relieve pesky scales and flakes and even other topical skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema, which can hinder healthy-hair efforts. The takeaway: Using Vaseline to supplement your skin's hydration levels (which in turn encourages adequately hydrated, non-brittle strands) is a great way to breed strong and healthy hair and, yes, expedite growth. But if you're truly looking for an expert-approved way to grow your hair faster, try making some strategic tweaks to your diet (ahem, more protein and healthy fats), an in-office treatment like PRP, or high-quality supplements.

Of course, conditioning your brows a couple of times per week with ample application of Vaseline certainly won't hurt, and we're also fans of incorporating lash- and brow-enhancing serums into our beauty routines, many of which are packed with shine- and growth-boosting vitamins, peptides, and other nourishing ingredients. So in the spirit of breeding a set of brows that would make even Lucy Hale or Yara Shahidi quake in envy, we've rounded up all of our favorite eyebrow serums and salves. Keep scrolling—fuller arches await.  

Wild Wild Nest Organic Castor Oil $9

There's still some debate on whether or not castor oil effectively contributes to faster hair growth (regardless of whether you're applying it to your scalp or brows). That said, experts do agree the age-old elixir certainly won't hurt your efforts, and thanks to its nourishing nutritional makeup, it will likely encourage healthier, perhaps faster-growing hair. 

Talika Eyebrow Lipocils Conditioning Gel $45

"I've never stuck it out with any eyebrow serum aside from Talika's. The applicator has a doe-foot tip, which I like better than the super-skinny brushes," Byrdie Editorial Director Faith Xue shares. The formula is strategically enriched with growth-promoting botanicals and keeps brows in place and defined while simultaneously encouraging a bigger, bushier texture long-term.

RevitaLash RevitaBrow Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner $110

This eyebrow conditioner from RevitaLash is one of the most well-known on the market—and for good reason. It features a powerful BioPeptin Complex, unique to the brand, which combines peptides and botanicals to help transform sparse-looking brows.

NeuLash NeuBrow Brow Enhancing Serum $100

Celebrity brow wiz Stevi Christine (who also keeps my own brows in top-notch shape) recommended this brow serum to me, telling me it's one of the only formulas she actually swears by for enhancing the look and fullness of brows ASAP.

Marie d'Argan 100% Pure and Organic Argan Oil $39

"I use it on my brows, lashes, and hair. I swear it helps with growth," wellness editor Victoria Hoff explains. Plus, the formula is organic and steeped in brow-improving antioxidants to support and heal healthy skin, which, as we've explained, helps encourage faster, healthier hair growth.

Grande Cosmetics GrandeBrow Brow Enhancing Serum $70

Chock-full of vegan and natural ingredients, this pretty, gilded tube is our go-to whenever we want to give our brows a marketable uptick in lushness. The MVP roster includes skin- and hair-enhancing fares like hyaluronic acid, amino acids, ginseng, chamomile, and bearberry-derived compounds to help fortify brow follicles in as little as one to two months. 

LashFood BrowFood Brow Transformation System $69

Not only does this satisfying system include LashFood's beloved brow-growth serum (I've used it myself and swear by its speedy results!), but it also houses other brow-boosting necessities such as a game-changing clear brow gel (for hold and definition), an ultra-fine brow pencil (for filling in any sparse spots while you wait for the enhancer to work its magic), a handy brow brush, and a handful of brow arch guides.

Rapid Lash RapidBrow EyeBrow Enhancing Serum $50

When my 70-year-old mom first told me about the miracle-working results she reaped from this highly rated brow serum, I was skeptical. As a beauty editor, skepticism is practically written in the job description. That said, I go home to visit my parents every few months, and I literally saw the transformation take place right before my eyes as the weeks and months wore on since she first starting incorporating the elixir into her daily beauty routine. Suffice to say, I've ordered a multitude of tubes since.

Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Brows Quick and Precise Brow Definition Brush & Gel $23

There's nothing we appreciate more than the perfect multitasking beauty product, and this brow miracle from Charlotte Tilbury is one of the few to make our most-loved list. Not only does it instantly fill in and define our arches for pristine brows stat, but its nutritional profile featuring growth-encouraging ingredients like castor oil and vitamins also keeps our brows full and fabulous long-term. Plus, each of the three shades is named after a few of the most iconic supermodels and film stars of all time. Chic, no?

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