Would You Do THIS for a Flat Stomach?

Beyond a good ole regimen of proper diet and exercise, we've certainly seen our share of beauty treatments that promise a toned tummy—whether it's freezing it off, enlisting the help of lasers, or, of course, lipo. But there's a buzzy method that claims to outdo all of thisand it just earned a stamp of approval from the FDA. Vanquish, a non-invasive (!) radio-frequency device, literally burns your fat away by heating deep tissue, and patients have reported losing two to four inches from their waist after the recommended four to six treatments. 

Allure has all the details on what the process entails, but basically the patient lies flat on a table, surrounded by specialized heated panels for up to 45 minutes. Still, the revolutionary method doesn't come without some downsides. Blistering and redness are common side effects, and since you're essentially torching your insides, attempting the treatment without a skilled, certified doctor can be quite dangerous. We think we'll be sticking to our planks and green juicebut still, we can't say we're not intrigued. 

Another non-invasive (and less scary) option: Bliss's Fatgirlsixpack ($31), a caffeine-infused gel that promises a tauter tummy.  

Do you think the treatment sounds crazy or cool? Sound off below!