Vanessa Traina's 3-Step Routine

Updated 11/24/15

Most women will tell you they’re low maintenance when you ask about their beauty routine, but minutes later they’re still talking about layering this mascara on top of another, smoothing moisturizer on top of serum after a mask, and so much more (guilty!). Vanessa Traina, however, has a truly minimal list of must-haves. “I’m very low maintenance in terms of skincare,” the muse said backstage at Joseph Altuzarra’s SS/14 show this weekend. “I just wash my face with soap and water; my husband only buys all-natural products so I think it’s E3 Live ($5).

And then I use Joelle Ciocco Moisturizer, which I’m obsessed with.” Traina says the fashion industry’s favourite French aesthetician’s products “smell amazing.”

If she’s going to go crazy, Traina indulges in Kiehl’s Clay Mask ($23). And for her hair? She smoothes an all-natural oil through her shoulder length blonde locks and pulls it back off her face. “I have this all-natural body oil that I’ve been putting in my hair,” she says. “Someone gave it to me as a hostess gift after she stayed with me this summer and I don’t know where she got it!”

Whatever it is, it’s working.

Hairstylist Odile Gilbert was clearly inspired by Traina’s sharp, center-part ponytail; the look marched down Altuzarra’s runway on Saturday and continues to pop up every day—but more on that later!

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