22 Cool Valentine's Day Gifts No Matter Who Your Valentine Is

With its traditionally romantic connotation (and customary overzealousness when it comes to heart-shaped candy, chocolate, and a rom-com over popcorn), it's not exactly hard to loathe the saccharine commerciality of Valentine's Day. Whether we're still licking our wounds from a relationship gone sour or just jaded by the miles and miles of pink, red, and white, the days leading up to the holiday can be intimidating. And regardless of your relationship status, the glorification of love tropes can be claustrophobic, to say the least. Anyone else?

Conventionally speaking, a lot of this will probably never change. A drugstore aisle sans teddy bears, Russell Stover chocolates, and sweethearts? The horror. However, we'd like to think we've made some small steps in the gifting department. Sure, some things like a stunning perfume or iconic red lip will always be signature, but we've also had our eye on a few things that fall outside the *heart-shaped* box—regardless of who you're shopping for. So be it your parents, your significant other, your siblings, or your friends, we have you covered. From wellness gifts to beauty gifts (some classic, some not), we've scoured the wish lists of everyone we know to create the ultimate 2018 Valentine's Day gift guide. No matter who they are, keep reading for 22 gifts your valentine of choice is sure to fall head over heels for.