10 Valentine's Day Nail Designs That Are Far From Cheesy

Updated 07/30/19

While sending candy hearts and cutesy cards may be a thing of your grade-school years, you're never too old to get into the Valentine's Day spirit. February 14th is the perfect occasion to play with beauty looks that show off bolder shades of red and pink—especially when it comes to your manicure. No matter how you're observing the holiday this year, why not top off your look with some lovely Valentine's Day nails? Modern shapes and pretty patterns in bright reds, playful peach, and Millennial Pink make for some eye-catching adornment that will stay in style throughout the season. We've rounded up some of our favorite inspiring nail designs that are far from cheesy—and more than just hearts (though we did include some).

Valentine's Day nail ideas

A color-blocked combination of orangey-red and Millennial Pink plays with the holiday's favorite colors in a modern way.

pink and white Valentine's Day nails

Pink and white make for a pretty pairing, but geometric shapes keep the look from being too delicate.

negative space nails for Valentine's Day

Negative space on nails is always eye-catching. This striped detailing is the perfect nod to Valentine's Day.

heart nail design for Valentine's Day

For a heart that's super subtle, try this clever design that creates a heart when two nails are together. The pale pink nails keep the rest of the look pared-back and professional.

Millennial Pink nails for Valentine's Day

Millennial Pink isn't going anywhere, and the hue is perfect for a fresh Valentine's Day manicure.

Valentine's Day nails with glitter

Peach is a lively alternative to pink. Add some glitter in an ombré effect to make even more of a statement.

white Valentine's Day nail design

White nails with a gradient of pink glitter are just as stunning.

pink-and-black Valentine's Day nails

Take light pink nails to the next level with a bold design in black, be it stripes, a crescent design, or a tiny heart that celebrates the holiday.

Valentine's Day French manicure

A touch of red in a petal design at the tips of the nails is a gorgeous take on the French manicure.

accent nail for Valentine's Day

Last but not least, opt for a simple yet striking accent that adds a pop of color with a single nail featuring half a heart at the tip.

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