These 29 Valentine's Day Jewelry Pieces Feel Like Love at First Sight

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Jewelry is the ultimate Valentine: It’s steeped in symbolism, it can be worn daily and kept forever, and it serves as a constant reminder of your adoration. While legend has it the first Valentine was gifted in 1415—it was a paper, a classic—precious jewelry pieces have served as go-to Valentine’s Day gifts since the mid-1800s. The sight of a tiny gift box can induce a sense of elation (and the treasure inside will fill anyone’s eyes with throbbing, cartoon-like hearts). Whatever precious piece you choose, the recipient is sure to fall in love with your sweet gesture.

Whether you’re directing Cupid’s gilded arrow towards yourself ("Flowers" by Miley Cyrus is our latest anthem), your S.O., or your best friend, you can't go wrong with jewelry. Here, see dozens of standout, sparkling Valentines for anyone on your list.

Hearts on Fire

The heart is the single most iconic symbol of love and devotion. Heart-shaped Valentines are anything but cliché: They’re timeless expressions of love, reserved for those you care about most. Each of these jewels is chic enough for year-round wear and will undoubtedly set your loved one’s actual heart aglow.

Flower Power

A bouquet of fresh, fragrant flowers is a thoughtful and classic Valentine’s gesture, but we much prefer floral statements that will last forever. Buying flowers for the one you love is a Valentine's Day tradition that dates back to the 17th Century. Roses were the preferred flower of Venus, the goddess of love, but every kind of flower has its own meaning, so each of these pieces will honor your ever-blooming love.

Toi et Moi

The French term toi et moi translates to "you and me"—an incredibly simple statement that says it all. Toi et Moi jewelry features two different gemstones placed together to represent the bond and harmonious fusion of two partners. The design came to be in 1796, when Napoleon proposed to Josephine with the very first Toi et Moi ring, and has served as a classic expression of romance ever since.

Only for You

Go the extra mile with a customized piece as unique as the number one person in your life. Personalization saturates a gift with even more meaning, and there’s something endlessly romantic about wearing a piece of jewelry that only exists for you. Consider engraving a piece with both of your initials or an anniversary date, investing in a classic locket with a secret message for their eyes only, or placing a special order with a jeweler who specializes in custom work. Even if you don't get a custom piece, you can use Valentine's Day as an opportunity to gift something themed to the recipient's unique personality.

Eternal Love

In jewelry, the repetition of stones is evocative of unending love: Each gemstone is as sparkling and exquisite as the last, just as love only gets better with time. The presence of an infinity symbol honors commitment. Even a simple ring shape symbolizes wholeness and longevity, which is why they’re the piece of choice for engagements and marriage.

The Color of Love

Red and pink have long represented love, purity, romance, and lust. Since the middle ages, red has been linked to passion and desire—it’s evocative of the heart, fiery romance, pomegranates, red roses, and other symbols of adoration. Pink represents attraction, flirtation, intimacy, and authenticity in relationships. Paint a perfect gift with this palette of sparkling, romantic Valentines-apropos shades. They’ll exude warmth year-round.

Be Mine

Whether you’re asking for someone’s hand, reminding them that they’re cherished, or asking them to stay forever, these proclamatory pieces will assist you in claiming your valentine for good. Pay a nod to handwritten paper valentines and love letters with a gilded piece that speaks volumes via the written word. Each of these pieces will tell the one you love what they need to hear, every time that they look at it.

Key to My Heart

Since World War I, on numerous bridges in Europe—with Paris’s Pont des Arts (or The Love Lock Bridge) being the most famous—couples have carved their names or initials into a padlock, attached it to a public fixture, and thrown away the key. Padlocks symbolize unbreakable love. Each of us keeps our heart guarded, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to give your S.O. they key to yours. Lock in your love.

Heart-Shaped Box

Whether it's one of the above trinkets or another special find, place your Valentine in a heartfelt box, and you've created the perfect gift. It's a sweet way to get your message across, as few things are more important than love.

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