This New Facial Sunscreen Spray Means Business

Meet Vacation's Super Spritz Face Mist.

Woman using Vacation Face Mist


Sure, you apply your sunscreen every morning (at least we hope so)—but, realistically speaking, how often are you reapplying your sunscreen? For proper all-day sun protection, derms recommend applying sunscreen every two hours to protect the skin against UV rays that can lead to sun damage, premature fine lines and wrinkles, and worst of all, skin cancer. Still, after applying the finishing touches on your makeup, you may choose to forgo reapplication since most sunscreens have to be rubbed in, whether they include a white cast or not.

Well, cult favorite SPF brand Vacation is here to save the day with a “sunscreen that means business” (it’s literally the campaign’s slogan): on March 16, the sun protection brand launches its SPF 50 Super Spritz Face Mist ($24).

Ahead, all the details on the new launch, plus our honest review.

Manicured hand holding Vacation Super Spritz SPF Face Mist


The Inspiration

You may know Vacation from its campy, '80s-inspired formulas like the TikTok-viral Classic Whip SPF 30 ($22), a whipped sunscreen formula that looks, feels, and even sounds like canned whipped cream. As the brand's name suggests, most of its formulas are formulated to be used at the pool or beach, and are great for an initial sunscreen application. But with their latest launch, Vacation wanted to create something with daily use in mind, hence the "for business" tagline.

The Super Spritz Face Mist is made to use practically anytime and anywhere, even over makeup, “whether you’re dominating the boardroom or lounging poolside.” Much like the rest of Vacation’s branding, SPF 50 Super Spritz Face Mist’s packaging and messaging has the look and feel of Miami in the '80s, and the campaign is set in an office straight out of Working Girl.

Vacation Super Spritz Mist


The Formula

But there’s so much more to the SPF 50 Super Spritz Face Mist than just fun packaging and kitschy marketing—the formula is where this product truly shines. Firstly, Vacation made it a point to exclude ingredients that have potentially negative health and environmental effects, such as octinoxate, oxybenzone parabens, and PEGs, and the formula is Hawaii Act 104 Reef Compliant, dermatologist-tested, cruelty-free, and vegan.

The SPF 50 Super Spritz Face Mist includes a slew of ingredients like shea and maracuja oils to boost your skin’s glow; bisabolol, aloe, and cucumber to soothe the skin and provide antioxidant protection; banana and coconut to mitigate dryness due to sun exposure; caffeine to de-puff the skin, and green tea, vitamin E, algae, and ferulic acid to protect the skin against environmental stressors like blue light and pollution.

The SPF 50 Super Spritz Face Mist is water-resistant and comes in a cute 2.2 fl. oz. fine-mist spray bottle, meaning that it’ll travel with you wherever you go, whether you’re off to a business lunch, or a day at the beach. The brand claims that it leaves a lightweight satin finish, and is totally transparent on every skin tone.

Woman in office with Vacation Super Spritz Mist


The Review

"I have gotten pretty good at wearing SPF every day over the past year or so (sadly that wasn't always the case) but I pretty much never reapply, especially if I'm wearing makeup. This spray, however, may be the push I need. Like the rest of the brand's products, the impeccable branding and retro packaging makes sunscreen something I actually look forward to using, and what's inside is just as good.

"The mister disperses a generous even spray that's closer to a setting spray that other SPF mists I've tried, and doesn't disturb any makeup underneath. The spray feels refreshing and hydrating, but not sticky, and is totally invisible on my skin. It smells like Vacation's signature beachy coconut, and though it does fade away after around 15 minutes, I would skip this one if you're super sensitive to scent. Satin is the perfect descriptor for the finish—it's glowy but not wet-looking, and doesn't feel thick or greasy. I was the most impressed by how the spray didn't disturb my makeup throughout the day, though it looks and feels great on bare skin, too." —Bella Cacciatore, news editor

The Vacation SPF 50 Super Spritz Face Mist is available on March 16 for $24 at

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