17 UV Sunglasses That'll Protect Your Eyes and Win Your Heart

The safest sunglasses are the best sunglasses.

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We love sunglasses for a thousand reasons and then some. For one, they’re the foolproof way to tie any outfit together. Whether it’s winter or the hottest day of summer, a good pair of shades can boost your mood and complete a look

More importantly, though, sunglasses can also protect your eyes from sun damage just like sunscreen shields your skin. We love sunglasses, and we especially love UV sunglasses. To protect your eyes, sunglasses have a thin layer of a UVA and UVB-blocking coating. This is key to protecting your eyes from harmful UV radiation that can damage your eyes.

Classic aviators from Ray-Ban are cool, but finding that unique pair that speaks to your personal style (and eye health) is even better. For the fun-loving folks who are ready for adventure as summer sun comes over the horizon, here are 17 shades to turn heads, stay stylish, and keep your eyes safe with 100% UV protection.

 Mask Sunglasses with Gold Metal Rim
Gucci Mask Sunglasses with Gold Metal Rim $625.00

These shades for the person with a daring spirit (and thick bank account). Gucci sunglasses tend to be fearless in their silhouettes and general styles, and these aerodynamic shades with gold rims are no different.

Eleventh Hour Maryssa $85.00

Square shades often don’t get the attention they deserve compared to other classic styles like aviators and cat eyes. But this luxurious, coffee-colored pair from Eleventh Hour is a sweet reminder of how classic they can. These sunnies have the angel number "444" on the inside arm as an affirmation you’re on the right path.

Honey RX
Quay Honey RX $150.00

These sunglasses from Quay offer a fun spin on the classic cat-eye. The gold-rimmed eye accentuates the silhouette and offers an extra pop. These are anti-reflective and scratch resistance, too (which is very helpful if you have an actual cat).

The Maestro
Privé Reveaux The Maestro $40.00

A classic silhouette in a new color is always a great combination. These circle sunnies come in green and pink in addition to black and white. Plus, they're great quality minus the steep price markup.

Congo Square
Vontélle Congo Square $349.00

These oversized shades take inspiration from the Tremé neighborhood near the French Quarter in New Orleans. The neighborhood is a center of the city's African-American and Créole culture, and these bold sunglasses pay homage to that heritage with their bright blue pattern.

Berguson AirCarbon Sunglasses
Covalent Berguson AirCarbon Sunglasses $160.00

This breakthrough pair of shades doesn’t just look cool, but is a scientific fascination. Using their signature AirCarbon, Covalent uses renewable energy, saltwater, and natural microorganisms found in the ocean to convert greenhouse gasses into a material that can replace plastic and leather.

Butterfly Sunglasses
MCM Butterfly Sunglasses $289.00

MCM’s Butterfly Sunglasses are a classic, and these are an easy favorite for anyone who loves a bit of monogram. With gradient lenses, the logo at the temple, and arms covered in the house's signature monogram, these are quite chic.

51mm Le Ovoid Sunglasses
Le Specs Luxe 51mm Le Ovoid Sunglasses $25.00

Between their gentle curves and narrow proportions, the brand calls these the "millennial update to the classic oval silhouette." From affordable options to high-end designers, these perfectly summer-hued shades are one of many pairs you can find at Marshalls with a nice markdown.

The Gina Sunglasses
Milaner The Gina Sunglasses $165.00

With these made-to-order shades, you can literally look through rose colored lenses. Made with a vintage and timeless design, these work great with any look.

 Square Pearl Stud Sunglasses
& Other Stories Square Pearl Stud Sunglasses $39.00

Pearls have been trending lately in remixed fashions. Rather than long strings of the opulent gem, try pearls as studs embellishing your sunnies. Plus, we like these even more since they’re made with recycled materials.

Raie Arizona $117.00

Raie's Phoenix sunglasses offer both 100% UV protection and a nice throwback to the early-aughts with its wrap-around silhouette.

Le Chat
Aperçu Le Chat $165.00

These flattering sunnies are known for their high quality and comfort. We're a fan of the shape, but the soft pink ballet color takes these over the top, making them a perfectly chic summer shade.

Coco and Breezy Peyton $225.00

Taking inspiration from jazz, these Coco and Breezy sunglasses mix elements like smokey graphite with colorful tortoise. Gradient lenses add more character to them, and the brand's packaging makes you feel extra special.

Haze Collection Halo $180.00

These luxurious shades from Haze stand out for their detail. We're in love with the metal chain that hangs off one side for an extra flair. What's even better is the versatility. When you want a more classic look, simply detach the chain.

Fielder Topaz Matte Fade
Warby Parker Fielder Topaz Matte Fade $145.00

Warby Parker's Fielder sunglasses take inspiration from aviators but add a few twists. Rather than the signature metal frame, this pair stands out with its ombré frame.

Talk To Me Nice
Indy Talk To Me Nice $65.00

Keep the haters and the UV rays away with these square shades from Indy that read, "Talk to me nice, or not at all." Not only will they do the talking for you, but they also offer UV400 sun protection.

Mirrored Round Sunglasses
BP Mirrored Round Sunglasses $15.00

When we look at these round, mirrored sunglasses, all we can think of is a classic rockstar look. This bold and comfortable pair radiates confidence, along with a vintage vibe.

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