Urban Skin Rx Is Offering Free Skincare Consultations For Those With Melanin-Rich Skin

The program will tackle the skincare concerns of the BIPOC community.

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Melanated skin is nothing short of spectacular, especially when the results of a committed skincare routine shine through. While most people make do with their daily at-home facials, others find themselves diligently looking for professional help to tackle common skincare concerns (i.e. dark spots, hyperpigmentation, melasma, eczema, etc)—sometimes with no luck. 

According to a study about Dermatologic Health Disparities, finding a dermatology professional that specializes in melanin skin may be few and far between. Sadly, the research reveals that 47% of dermatologists and dermatology residents reported most of their medical education proved to be "inadequate in training them on skin conditions in Black [people]."

Needless to say, these stats are highly disappointing.  

With the mission to destroy the alarming disparity in the beauty industry, Urban Skin Rx created its new Melanin Experts initiative, an online service that provides free skincare education, virtual consultations, and resources for those with melanin-rich skin.

"After launching Urban Skin Solutions Medical Spa in 2006 and Urban Skin RX in 2010, it became clear to me that we needed to expand our mission and purpose beyond product formulation, and we needed to streamline our focus on advocacy for skin of color so we could make more of a difference," Urban Skin RX Founder Rachel Roff shares about the importance of starting the Melanin Experts initiative.

"To me, this initiative is what true allyship and advocacy looks like in the skincare industry for marginalized communities," she adds.

Allowing users of the service to connect with knowledgeable licensed aestheticians, this platform finally provides members of the BIPOC community the opportunity to get answers to dire skincare questions without leaving the comfort of their homes.

"It is my passion to help bridge the gap and extreme lack of access of dermatologic knowledge, health, and skin wellness in communities of color," Dr. Alexis Stephens, DO, FAOCD, FAAD explains about her decision to join the Melanin Experts Network as an ambassador. 

She continues, "melanin-rich skin is biologically unique and it is extremely important for the skincare industry to not only acknowledge, but to truly understand these differences for the sake of better skin health and outcomes for those with melanated skin."  

The movement for uplifting marginalized communities doesn’t end there. Urban Skin Rx has pledged to use its social media to bring awareness to the inequalities of caring for melanated skin. The skincare brand is also working with the Skin of Color Society on an upcoming collaboration that plans to purposefully uplift the way the world embraces melanated skin. 

This initiative and the many others that Urban Skin RX is hosting, will serve as the foundation for change within the beauty industry including funding opportunities for future Melanin Experts.

To take advantage of the free service, visit urbanskinrx.com.

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