Urban Outfitters Features Transgender and Plus-Size Models in Its Newest Ad


Urban Outfitters

As Byrdie editors, we stare at a lot of beauty ads day to day, and even in 2017, campaigns tend to look pretty homogenous. When a company's objective is to make money, inclusivity and representation of different body types and identities aren't usually a priority. But Urban Outfitters' latest ad campaign says screw it—instead of casting the same models we see time and again, it's put together an inspiring group to represent a campaign they're calling the Class of 2017.

According to a report from Allure, the models involved were selected for their adherence to "challenging the status quo through activism." Included in the Class of 2017 are plus-size model Barbie Ferreira, transgender actress Hari Nef, and many other artists from diverse backgrounds.

The project launches with each model designing a white Hanes T-shirt with an encouraging statement or personal mantra. Each model will also be featured in upcoming social media videos and blog posts on Urban Outfitters.

This campaign comes at a time when other beauty brands are inching toward inclusivity. (CoverGirl and Maybelline just named the first male faces of their brands). With hope, popular brands will continue working to amplify maginalized voices in their campaigns.

Watch the Instagram video below to learn more about the Class of 2017, and keep scrolling to meet five of the new models!

Meet the Class of 2017