Urban Decay's New Mascara Isn't Holographic, but It Is Pretty Great

When Urban Decay founder Wende Zomnir teased a holographic tube of mascara on July 4, the internet, expectedly, erupted into fireworks. The only information she gave us was that it would be called Troublemaker Mascara and launch in the fall. But since millennials are fascinated by all things rainbow/unicorn/shimmery, the colorful packaging led people to assume the formula itself would be holographic—which is cool but, ultimately, not the case.

When I recently got my hands on a tube, I untwisted the top to reveal an otherwise standard black inky formula, but a totally non-standard silicone brush with fewer rows of bristles than your usual wand. The packaging insists that it's "super-long, super-fat, and sex-proof" (a cheeky way to say it'll defy every heavy-hitting, sweaty activity). Intrigued by all of these factors, I took it for a test drive. Below, take a look at my lashes sans mascara.