Urban Decay's Prince Collection Is Worthy of the Beauty Icon

Must'a took a whole hour just to make up your face!

Urban Decay Prince Collection

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More than five years after his passing, Prince’s legacy lives on far beyond his musical talents. In fact, the multi-talented entertainer continues to inspire makeup trends just as iconic as his catalog of music, which of course, includes songs that have hyped up our "getting ready" playlists for years. Think: U Got The Look, Kiss, Little Red Corvette. 

So, when Urban Decay announced the launch of a limited-edition capsule collection inspired by the creator of Purple Rain, fans immediately took note (and screamed internally). I personally grabbed my raspberry beret and eagerly set time on my calendar to recreate some of his most iconic looks—including smoky eyeliner, subtle cat eyes, and bold brows, just to name a few.

Urban Decay Prince Collection


The Collection

Designed in collaboration with Prince's estate and key members of his artistic camp, the Urban Decay Prince Collection Vault ($250) features two eyeshadow palettes, kajal eyeliners, and illuminating liquid highlighter that had me seriously excited to make up my face.

Urban Decay Prince Collection


Ahead of the launch, I got the chance to take a first look at the collection that encourages beauty enthusiasts to boldly create without limits—much like the legendary musician himself. Below, see some of the eye-catching looks I created using the limited-edition collection that officially launched today.

Prince Collection Vault Box
Urban Decay The Prince Collection Vault $250

The Looks

‘U Got The Look’ Palette

Emerald Elitou

Courtesy of AE Photos

I started this look using the vegan Multitasker Brush to apply the Illuminating Liquid Highlighter, which provided the perfect amount of shimmer without being overbearing. It’s also worth noting that the multi-purpose highlighter works well on cheekbones, eyelids, and even décolletage.

Next, I used the When Doves Cry Kajal Eye Pencil to brighten my waterline and replicate the singer's eye-catching gaze. As a person who has a terrible time avoiding tears when applying eyeliner, I can happily report that this white liner easily applied, nixing any unnecessary smudges.

Lastly, I utilized the U Got The Look Palette, which features shimmery metallics and bold neutral shades to really make my eyes pop. After draping my eyelids in Gett Off, a creamy gold shadow that complimented my skin, I finished off my morning glam with the shade Sexy Dancer under my brows to get that freshly cut look, along with the shade Crystal Ball as a highlighter on the top of my cheeks.

‘Let’s Go Crazy’ Palette

Emerald Elitou

Courtesy of AE Photos

This makeup story would not be complete without paying homage to Prince’s favorite color: purple. Showing off my playful side as I prepared for a night out, I opened up the Let’s Go Crazy Palette and was mesmerized by the purple and blue hues singing my name. Inspired by the Purple Rain theme, I started my look with the Get Yo Groove On shade as my base and followed up with the shade Raspberry Beret in the center of my eyelid. To amplify my glam, I dabbed a bit of When Doves Cry in the inner corner of my eyes.

Inspired by the singer’s fondness for a smoky eye, I added the shade Delirious before finishing the look with a subtle cat-eye using the creamy So Dark Kajal Eye Pencil. Although there were no eyebrow pencils included in the collection, I made it a point to go bold with my eyebrows, similar to the many looks worn onstage by the icon.

No evening glam would be complete without a reliable setting powder that can resist smudging caused by sweat. I am happy to say that the All Nighter Waterproof Setting Powder provided the necessary protection I needed for my creative look without caking up.

The Verdict

Overall, I’m quite impressed by the collection. Not only did each product play well into the theme of Prince’s music, but the color payoff and easy application were magnificent—despite my choice to forgo the use of any primers. I highly recommend it for both expert makeup gurus and beginner beauty lovers alike—not to mention fans of the music icon.

I even enjoyed the packaging that featured Prince’s iconic Love Symbol, along with photo inspiration inside each palette to help you master Prince’s signature eyes. Kudos!

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