This Is Not a Drill: Urban Decay Is Launching a Brand-New Naked Palette

Urban Decay's Naked Palette ($54) is the stuff of legend. At this point, we'd argue that it's a classic beauty product—like red lipstick and Chanel No. 5—albeit much newer (after all, it's only been around for a little under a decade's time). Since the cult favorite palette was launched in 2010, we've seen a bevy of different versions. The most recent was the Naked Heat Palette ($54), which features 12 shades of warm-toned neutrals ranging from luminescent beige to fiery ochre, purple, and brick red colors. It's essentially Naked's take on the red and pink eye shadow trend of late. And we love it.

Today, though, Urban Decay took to Instagram to unveil the next Naked palette to join the brand's ranks. It's smaller than the others and just as on trend. It's a mini version of the Heat Palette.