You Can Get This Urban Decay Naked Palette for Half Off at Ulta Right Now

Even though Black Friday and Cyber Monday are considered the biggest shopping days of the year, sale opportunities continue through December all the way up until the holidays. Take Ulta, for example. 

Even though Ulta had a series of promotions happening over Thanksgiving weekend, the brand has just kicked off what it calls the "Holiday Beauty Blitz." For 25 days (or all the way up until Christmas Day), Ulta will be discounting certain products and and gift sets. The fun part is that the sale is set up like a virtual advent calendar. Each day has a different deal, which you can only shop for 24 hours before it goes away. The next day, a new product will be discounted, and so on. 

Drawn In. Decked Out. Shadow + Contour + Blush Palette - Only at ULTA
Smashbox Drawn In. Decked Out. Shadow + Contour + Blush Palette $42 $21

The first week's deals have been revealed, and they're good. Like 50% off of super-buzzy makeup products good. And today, you can scoop up a Smashbox eye and cheek palette for only $21.

The palette is a do-it-all one-step makeup product. It has contour, highlight, and blush shades at the top, along with 15 pressed eye shadow shades at the bottom. In other words, stow away this palette in your carry-on with a tube of mascara and your favorite lip color, and you'll be pretty much set for every single holiday event. Or gift it to someone. It would make a pretty major gift, considering that the brand says it even though it's on sale for $21, it has a $232 value. 

This palette is already sold out online, but before you panic, know that the deals are happening in-store as well. So if you're dying to get your hands on this, you can head in to your local Ulta. Or, you can shop the other super buzzy eye shadow palette that also happens to be 50% off right now…

Naked Ultimate Basics
Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics $54 $27

 This palette is full of 12 neutral shades and comes complete with a dual-ended crease blending brush. It's a part of Urban Decay's crazy buzzy Naked palette series, which means you can use it to create any eye look from super subtle to dark and smoky. (It's worth noting that Naked palettes aren't discounted often since they're so popular, so it's kind of a once-in-a-season opportunity to get this one for only $27). 

The rest of this week's deals include the brands BareMinerals, Tarte, Mally, and Becca. Head to Ulta's website to see them all and keep track of the discounted products as they're revealed each week.

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