Run, Don't Walk: Urban Decay's Discontinuing the Naked Palette, and It's 50% Off

Today's sort of a sad day in eye shadow land. Urban Decay announced the discontinuation of its hero product: the original Naked Palette. I still remember the day my mom took me to Sephora to buy this palette in high school. I'd just started getting into makeup, and all my friends recommended I get this for my very first palette. It was, like, the It-Girl palette of 2010, full of soft browns and shimmery golds that looked good on all skin tones—a rare find in those days. This palette marked my first foray into eye shadows, and many share the same story, as one is bought every six seconds. 

Since its inception, the Naked Palette has racked up over $1 billion with over 30 million palettes sold. Yeah, let that sink in. Forbes called it the "iPhone of Makeup," which couldn't be more accurate because no other palettes are touching this one's reputation. In celebration of its homegoing, Urban Decay's selling this gem for 50% off starting today. We highly recommend you buy this baby in bulk as this steal is sure to fly off the shelves.