25 Radiant Looks to Create With Your Naked Heat Palette

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It's no surprise that Urban Decay has the cult-following it does—from makeup artists to enthusiasts always on the hunt for star products. Urban Decay has launched some of the most highly sought-after eyeshadow palettes. When the Naked Heat palette hit shelves, it instantly became a fan favorite. From rusty-colored shadows that make any eye color pop to stunning bronze and natural shades, this palette works on anyone, making it an incredible addition to your beauty routine. Ahead, we've compiled a list of lust-worthy shadow looks inspired by this gorgeous shadow palette that will have you obsessed with all the ways you can adorn your eyes with these hot hues.

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Dramatic and Detailed

Create a smoky eye with deeper bronze shadow tones like "ember" and "ashes" in the heat palette and add some dramatic false lashes for the finishing touch. Place highlighter on the brow bone and cheeks for dewy, glowing skin.

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Soft Smolder

Create a soft and smoldering eyeshadow look by using shades like "chaser," "sauced," and "low blow" on the lid and crease, followed by black-winged liquid liner and a few coats of volumizing mascara. Suitable for any occasion, you'll have this shadow look on repeat.

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Flaming Lids

Combine colors like "dirty talk" and "cayenne" to create red-hot scorching lids that showcase the beautiful tones of copper and red. Blend the matte shadow first on the lid and into the crease, and apply the shimmery shadow on top for more detail.

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Pumpkin Spice

Bring out the pumpkin and cinnamon spice with this shadow look, combining shades like "low blow," "ashes," and "cayenne" to create a matte shadow look that instantly enhances eyes in the best way possible.

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Full Glitter Glam

Go full glam with your eyeshadow look by adding a touch of glitter in the eyes' inner corners. The champagne tone paired with the reds and bronze colors such as "ember" and "he devil" from the heat palette work well together and create a beautiful contrast.

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Smoky Wing

Sultry and smoky, this heat shadow look wears well with a smoky winged eyeliner, bold brows, and lots of mascara. Warm rust tones from the palette such as "dirty talk" and "cayenne" grace the lids and crease, while bronze winged liner ties it all together perfectly.

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Soft Beauty

For darker skin tones, the shadow shade "cayenne" is a lovely color to wear all over the lids and crease for a soft, natural beauty look. Paired with bold brows, glossy lips, and dewy skin, it's the ultimate natural look that you can wear again and again.

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All The Spice

Heat things up with shadow shades "lumbre," and "scorched" for a metallic shadow look that certainly spices up your eyes in seconds. Since most of the emphasis is on the shadow colors, you can keep the rest of your makeup fresh and natural.

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Cinnamon Eyes

Shadow shades "ashes," "cayenne," and "en fuego" can create a gorgeous color combination like cinnamon on the eyes that especially help blue and green eyes pop. Start by applying the lighter colors on the lid and then blend the deeper shadow shades in the crease for more depth.

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Bronze Goddess

Applying shade "ember" all over your lids can certainly heat things up; if a bronzed look is what you're going for, this shadow shade is stunning when worn just by itself.

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Natural Beauty

Shadow shades "chaser" and "sauced" combined make for a beautiful shadow combination that is natural enough for everyday wear and everything else. When worn with bold brows and bright lips, the colors are absolutely striking.

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Wing It

Adding winged eyeliner to any shadow shades from the Naked Heat palette brings instant elevation to your look, along with looking super chic. Combine any shadows you desire from the palette, and be sure to set it off with a gorgeous, dramatic winged liner for a maximum glam effect.

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Where There's Smoke, There's Fire

Create the smoky shadow look of your dreams with shades like "en fuego," "ashes," and "ember." The combination of these colors is to die for, not to mention create an incredibly stunning smoky eye that is worth repeating.

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Turn Up The Heat

Turn up the heat with this romantic shadow look that utilizing shades "lumbre" and "low blow" can recreate in a snap. Apply liberally all over lids, and finish with liquid liner and a set of false lashes if you feel like it.

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Mix and Match

There's nothing better than being able to utilize every single color in your eyeshadow palette, and this look proves the more colors you use, the better. Several different shadows can come together to create a lovely contrast. To re-create this look, try using shades "ounce," "chaser," "low blow," "cayenne," and "ember" for the metallic detail seen on the top lids and underneath the lash line.

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Romantic and Fresh

If you want to brighten your complexion and make your eyes pop, apply shadow shades like "chaser," "lumbre," and "scorched" for an ethereal shadow look that's just as cool as it is pretty.

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Color Contrast

Shadow colors "cayenne" and "ashes" create a smoky eye with the right color contrast to catch anyone's attention. Apply "cayenne" all over the eyes up into the crease and finish by blending "ashes" on the lids for the greater, smokier effect.

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Bold Orange and Bronze

Bold orange and bronze hues help to re-create this incredible shadow look; the colors are seriously a great combo to wear all year long. Shades "he devil" and "ember" work together to create this shadow look, while white eyeliner applied to the inner rim under the eyes instantly adds a brightening touch.

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Day to Night Glam

Create an easy day-to-night shadow look with your Naked Heat palette; the options are truly endless. To re-create this look, use shadow shades "scorched," "dirty talk," and "lumbre" for the metallic finishes and tonal contrast that looks gorgeous with any eye color.

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Star-Studded Lids

For this stunning eyeshadow look on Lizzo, makeup artist Alexx Mayo used shadow shades "he devil," "en fuego," "ashes," "lumbre," and "ounce" for a stunning look that is inspiring us to take our eye makeup looks to the next level.

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Keep it Light

While the Naked Heat palette can create some seriously dramatic shadow looks, you can also wear something light and natural for everyday wear by utilizing one shade such as "low blow" all over the lids. Perfect for when you don't have much time but want to wear a little something on your eyes before running out the door.

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Bedazzled Heat

Add a touch of sparkle to your eyes with tiny gems after creating a smoky, fiery look with your Naked Heat palette. Shadow shades such as "cayenne" and "ashes" can re-create this look in a pinch; the sparkling gemstones can be optional, of course.

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Warm Tones

Warm and toasty, this shadow look utilizes colors such as "chaser," "sauced," and "lumbre" for an angelic shadow look that will quickly become a favorite. Apply lots of mascara and eyeliner if you so desire to set the look off right.

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Silky Copper

Silky, copper shadows give this smoky eye all it needs to soar. Blending shadow shades such as "ember," "ashes," and "lumbre" can give you the ideal effect of a copper shadow look suitable for anyone.

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Perfectly Accented

Blend a bright shadow such as "he devil" around the top and bottom lash line to accentuate eyes and add instant definition. The tiniest bit of color can make a huge difference. You'll quickly get hooked on this easy shadow trick.

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