9 Smart (and Easy) Ways to Seriously Step Up Your Makeup Game



Sitting in the penthouse of Glenmere Mansion in upstate New York, a century-old luxury hotel with a traditional Tuscan vibe, Wende Zomnir, the CCO of Urban Decay, makes it clear that this setting is "so not" her. The overall pinkies-out aura of the building may not be Zomnir's typical playground (she's more of a Crossfit, surf-with-sons-Cruz-and-Crash type), but I had to disagree: Staying on the top floor of a swanky boutique hotel with an elevator that opens right up to it seemed perfectly fitting for the hugely successful beauty mogul.

Zomnir helped launch one of the biggest makeup brands in the world in the '90s, with the goal of creating something loud, bright, and different: "Beauty with an edge," as Urban Decay's tagline so perfectly explains it. As I sit across from her, fireplace roaring beside us, I'm mesmerized by her stunning makeup. Her eye shadow is gleaming; her lip color, a beautiful fuchsia, is placed perfectly on her lips—it's quite remarkable but completely unsurprising given her extensive background developing and testing some of the most beloved products on the market. As such, I make it my mission to ask her how to elevate every single aspect of makeup application in the 20 minutes I have with her. She certainly didn't disappoint, and I left with a slew of great tricks in my back pocket (as well as intel on their new summer launches). Ahead, read Zomnir's brilliant makeup tricks for every part of your face, from your foundation to your brows.

Quotes have been edited for clarity.

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