Be Sure to Avoid This At-Home Waxing Rookie Mistake


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Waxing your upper lip at home: "It's easy," they said. "It doesn't hurt at all," they said. Lies. All lies.

Let's rewind. About a month back, I decided to try out an at-home waxing kit for the first time. I'm #blessed in that my body hair is blond, so I've never had too much of a 'stache situation going on, but the peach fuzz was noticeable enough that I wanted to do something about it. I usually just reach for the tweezers, but I'm always left with strays that are too hard to get unless I strap a lighted magnifier to my head and have a lot of free time on my hands. So to the wax kit I went.

In it were a bunch of pre-prepared wax strips and some oil cleansing cloths. I cut off a small strip from the roll, peeled back the plastic, and applied it to my upper lip as directed. After a few seconds, I went to rip off the strip—and it wouldn't budge. It was as if I had super-glued it to my face. I started to panic a bit and began planning for a new life with a plastic wax strip stuck to my face, but after I settled down, I decided to grow a pair and really give it a good tug. Finally, it released, along with a bunch of blond hairs. It was so thorough, in fact, that I felt as though I had maybe, just maybe, ripped off my entire upper lip area with it, but thankfully, that wasn't the case. It definitely worked, despite the physical and emotional trauma. After a few deep breaths and a satisfied peek in the mirror, I wiped off the remaining waxy residue with the oil towelettes, rinsed the area, and was on my merry, fuzz-free way.

The next morning, however, was a different story. I woke up, stumbled into the bathroom, stood in front of my mirror, and gasped. My entire upper lip area had tiny little breakouts. Oh no, what did I do? I thought. I washed my face, applied some concealer to the area in an attempt to hide the embarrassing new residents on my face, and turned to Google. After searching "breaking out after waxing upper lip at home," right in front of my blemish-ridden face, as if to mock me, were a million search results saying to never use oil after waxing. How could I have not known that? And why were oil towelettes provided in this kit? It's this type of mistake and learning experience that I feel necessary to share with you, dear readers.

To help prevent this issue from ever happening again, I decided to tap the brains of some waxing experts to figure out where I went wrong and what I (and you) should be doing next time to avoid this conundrum. Keep scrolling to read their advice.

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