Uoma Beauty's First-Ever Blush Is a Silky Dream

The brand's founder, Sharon Chuter, gives us all the details.

Uoma Beauty Double Take Blush Duo

Uoma Beauty

With the first few signs of spring budding, we are all but ready for our heavy winter clothes to disappear into the ether (or, you know, the back of our closets until next year). One of the best parts of dressing for warmer weather is incorporating brighter colors into our outfits and makeup looks, and there’s almost no product type that delivers a dose of color to the complexion like blush. With satin and matte skin both being on trend this season, you’ll want to snag Uoma Beauty’s latest launch: the Double Take Skin Perfecting Blush Duo ($33), which is a dual-finish blush with a satin matte side and a radiant shimmer side. Ahead, Sharon Chuter, Uoma Beauty’s founder, CEO, and creative director, gives us all the details on the brand's first-ever blush.


Uoma Beauty

The Inspiration

With blush still majorly trending, it was only a matter of time before Uoma—known for its bright colors that work on every skin tone—created one of its own. But Chuter isn't just hopping on a trend, as it's been one of her favorite product categories for years. "For me, blush is one of the most important makeup products, and especially for people of color," she tells Byrdie. "It adds depth of color to our skin, like a rush of blood. Various different cultures really exaggerate blush (African, Latin American, and Asian for example) so for me, blush is a real staple product."

For the accompanying campaign, Uoma shows off the two sides of the blush on real-life power duos, including two of Uoma's employees, and Chuter and her mother. The inspiration for the campaign was simple: joy. "I had a hard year last year and I was determined to spring into this new year with a lot of joy," says Chuter. "I wanted to celebrate the joy of human connection. The blush has two parts to it (a matte and a shimmer) and sits within our Double Take franchise. We hope that this campaign sparks joy and reminds you of the precious moments you spend with your double, your pair, your other half. After all, you can’t apply blush without smiling."


blush on models

Uoma Beauty

The Product

As for the product itself, the Double Take Skin Perfecting Blush Duo provides a heavy dose of pigment to the skin without a heavy or cakey feel. The blush duo has a buttery texture that blends seamlessly to create a soft-focus effect on the skin that blurs and creates a natural finish, despite it being a powder product. In the silver compact, there are two sides: a matte blush, and a shimmering pigment to up the radiance of your flush, or create a sheer highlighter for a luminous (but not glittery) effect.

There are countless makeup products on the market that are infused with skin-enhancing ingredients, and the Double Take Skin Perfecting Blush Duo definitely fits into that category: this formula contains murumuru butter to lock moisture into the skin. "[The blush] really had to be skin-loving (meaning non-drying) so that’s why we added murumuru butter," says Chuter. "The pigment and pay-off had to be spectacular, and the formula needed to be buildable and easy to control."

"I am really proud of the formula," she continues. "It has amazing skincare benefits, the texture is soft, and pigments are spectacular. I also really love the packaging. I’m also extremely proud of the price point. At $33 for six grams of product, it makes it one of the most inexpensive for price-per-gram."

blush on models

Uoma Beauty

Finding the right shade for you can make or break a blush. Uoma Beauty knows this, which is why all six of the Double Take Skin Perfecting Blush Duo's available shades fall into Uoma Beauty's "Skin Kin" skin tone groups—White Pearl, Fair Lady, Honey Honey, Bronze Venus, Brown Sugar, and Black Pearl—meaning you're bound to find the perfect match for you.

The Review

Bella wearing the Uoma Double Take blush

Bella Cacciatore

"I'm a blush obsessive, but I usually prefer cream products at this point. However, the Uoma blush reminded me just how good a classic powder blush can be. The matte side is silky and smooth, and glided right onto my cheeks without skipping or getting patchy. I really piled it on since my desired blush effect could be described as just shy of clown-like, but the formula can be as sheer or pigmented as you want it to be. The shimmer side gave me the perfect dash of radiance, and again, is pretty customizable—it can be used to add a subtle sheen on top of your blush or be built up to full-on highlighter levels of glow. The duo stayed put all day, without getting dry or patchy. I'm a fan." —Bella Cacciatore, news editor

You can shop the Uoma Beauty Double Take Blush Duo on March 31 for $33 on uomabeauty.com and ulta.com.

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