Sharon Chuter Designed Her New Glossy Primer to Go on Top of Foundation

No blender, no problem.

UOMA by Sharon C.

UOMA by Sharon C.

Sharon Chuter debuted her beauty line UOMA by Sharon C. at Walmart in June 2021. Since then, the affordable brand has gained traction on social media, with beauty enthusiasts, content creators, and editors alike expressing their love for the collection.

The line feels like more of an addition rather than a departure from the UOMA Beauty umbrella. And Chuter confirms that was intentional. "Everyone talks about  UOMA Beauty versus UOMA by Sharon C., but it is really the same brand," she explains, adding that the collection is meant to be an everyday, easy-to-use extension of her existing line. “All the UOMA by Sharon C. products are meant to be used with your fingers, so it’s perfect for when you’re running out of the house and on the go.”

With the intention of developing more useful products for your beauty counter, the brand is introducing its loyal customers to new ways of creating quick and simple looks with the help of its advanced brow styler, lip gloss, primer, and matte lipstick. "It was about giving people options," Chuter says of the timing.

Ahead, learn more about the latest brow styler, lip gloss, primer, and matte lipstick, as well as the inspiration behind the launch.

The Inspiration

Chuter explains that only one product featured stand-out color in the initial launch. To continue the brand’s minimalistic aesthetic, UOMA by Sharon C.'s latest release introduces a matte lipstick formulated with white clay and a shimmering lip gloss. 

In addition to that, there is also an illuminating primer. “It is all about the glow, so we continue that story with the new primer,“ she shares excitedly before adding, “It’s the best illuminating primer out there. It brings color and glow to the skin.”

Last, but not least, Chuter explains that the brow styler is perfectly formulated to frame the face. “I always say, you can’t have a face without brows."

Meet The Collection 

Lips Don’t Lie Matte Lipstick
UOMA by Sharon C. Lips Don’t Lie Matte Lipstick $7.00

The richly-pigmented Lips Don’t Lie Matte Lipstick ($7) offers a satin-matte formula with an intense color pay-off and extreme smoothness. 

Applied like a cream, this high-performance, long-lasting lipstick is formulated with a combination of lightweight emollients to give a comfortable silky feel. It also uses white clay to boost the highly sought-after matte finish. “White clay is a great base and gives it a stronger adherence for the pigment and the color to enhance your lips,” Chuter tells us about the product that features skin-loving ingredients. “We are super conscious to make it suitable for the most delicate of skin, so we find ingredients to substitute for traditional ingredients that still maintain the performance.”

The lipstick also boasts bold packaging with the words "soro soke," which Chuter explains is Yoruba (one of the main languages spoken in Nigeria) for speak louder. “UOMA by Sharon C is really for the ‘speak louder’ generation, so we wanted to bring that to life with the graphics on the lipstick. We want to help inspire everyone to speak louder and stand for something that really matters.”

Primed To Glow Primer
UOMA by Sharon C. Primed To Glow Primer $9.00

The skin-loving Primed To Glow Primer ($9)—that Chuter admits she’s obsessed with—melts into the skin to provide you with a hydrated radiant glow. The illuminating primer contains Maca Root and Vitamin E to increase luminosity and is made with more than 70% of water to keep you looking fresh and dewy. 

She provides the following tip for mastering the glowy look. “Apply your foundation first, then take the primer and glide it on top of your foundation. It gives you the dewiest, gloss-like skin,” Chuter tells us about the luminous formula. “It takes even the most matte foundation and converts it into a really beautiful and dewy finish.”

One and Done
UOMA by Sharon C. One And Done Brow Styler $8.00

The One And Done Brow Styler ($8) is a smudge-proof, water-resistant duo styler that offers a precision pencil for hair-like strokes. Chuter says that the long-lasting set-and-go brow gel is available in 8 inclusive shades, and does an amazing job volumizing and fluffing brows. “I don't really have brows. However, I get a real natural and beautiful fluffy brow by starting with the gel first before the pencil,” Chuter tells us, before adding, “I go in with the gel, send the hair in the direction I want it to go to, and then use the pencil to fill it where there are spots/gaps.” 

Floss Gloss Lip Gloss
UOMA by Sharon C. Floss Gloss Lip Gloss $7.00

To complete the collection, UOMA by Sharon C. created the Floss Gloss Lip Gloss ($7) with a non-sticky and high shine formula that’s rich in hydrating emollients to restore and care for the pout. Along with moisture bonding oils and plumping Hyaluronic Acid, the plant-based beauty elixir is also enriched with the Kiss Me Quick plant, which is said to improve the skin's barrier. 

In the new year, Chuter says to expect lots of newness from the well-loved brand. “In 2022, you will see a lot more fun colors. Shoppers can also expect a lot of interesting collaborations, so stay tuned,” the founder concludes. 

UOMA by Sharon C. products are available to shop online and in-store at over 3,000 Walmart stores nationwide, as well as the UOMA Beauty website.

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