UOMA Beauty Is the Inclusive New Makeup Line That’s Every Maximalist’s Dream

We still get excited over the launch of every new beauty brand. Even though the market can feel oversaturated (so many products, so little time!), new brands encourage innovation and competition, which improves the industry (and our own beauty routines) and pushes us on into the future. As skincare and makeup enthusiasts who are keen on discovering the brave new world of beauty, one new brand and product at a time, we say: bring it on.

We make sure to maintain this air of hopefulness and objectivity when testing new brands and products. As is the way of life, some win and some lose. A select few inevitably rise above the rest, leading us to deem them the worthiest of our time, money, and makeup bags. We have a feeling that UOMA Beauty is one of those brands.

Keep scrolling to learn everything you need to know about the newest makeup brand, which is set to launch soon. You might as well get the details sooner rather than later, because you're about to see this brand everywhere.

UOMA Beauty, which just launched on Friday, is the world's first "Afropolitan" makeup brand. It was inspired by Africa, which the brand calls "the world’s most racially diverse continent." The name itself is a reflection of that. UOMA means "beautiful" in Igbo, which is the native language of South Eastern Nigeria.

Diversity is the key word when it comes to UOMA, because the brand's main focus is on the celebration of it, operating on a basic level of inclusivity. And unlike other brands, UOMA's idea of inclusivity goes beyond just providing a diverse range of complexion shades. According to a press release, the brand wants to redefine the word to mean "the freedom for all to be their authentic selves, yet co-exist in a celebration of our uniqueness. It’s diversity as an expression of unity."

UOMA Beauty 

The products are also inspired by influential female icons, both past and present. In a press release, the brand makes mention of Cleopatra, Nefertiti, Miriam Makeba, Angela Davis, and Diana Ross, specifically. True to the style of these women, each product is bold and color-rich, from opaque cream lipsticks to full coverage foundation and concealer.

Now that we've made mention of some of the offerings, it seems like a good time to transition away from talking about the brand's ethos to talking about the products themselves. So that we shall do. Expect to see 51 shades of foundation (which will be "supercharged" with skincare ingredients), full-coverage concealer, cream lipsticks, contour and highlight stick, lip gloss, liquid liner, and color palettes. UOMA has just about every single essential makeup product your vanity could need.

The brand just launched on Ulta's website. It hits Ulta stories nationwide on May 5. Check out the products in UOMA Beauty's new collection.

Click here to see more products from the collection.

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