UOMA Beauty's "Coming 2 America" Makeup Collection Celebrates African Culture

"To be in a position where I can tell the story of my culture and see my culture on the big screen is such an honor."

Uoma Beauty Coming 2 America Collection

Uoma Beauty

I'll say it: Coming 2 America may just be the most highly-anticipated movie of the decade. Though the first installment's timeless humor makes it feel like it debuted yesterday, fans of the Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall-led film have been waiting for a sequel for over thirty years. With so much excitement surrounding the second movie's March 5 release, it's only right that the moment was commemorated in a grand way. And what better way than through a makeup collection? Coming 2 America rightly tapped UOMA Beauty's founder Sharon Chuter to conceptualize a limited-edition makeup edit to commemorate the film.

For Nigerian-born Chuter, working on this project felt like a dream as she and her team were able to create products that celebrated African ancestry and the film franchise's legacy. "This meant everything," Chuter tells us exclusively. "I feel lucky and blessed. Coming to America was a huge part of my childhood. To be in a position where I can tell the story of my culture and see my culture on the big screen is such an honor."

The Black Magic Coming 2 America Collection includes three metallic lipsticks, three eyeshadow palettes, two kajal liners, and a highlighter palette. Odes to the film are woven into the cosmetics through the vibrant color choices and shade names, such as Peaches & Akeem, Queen to Be, and Zamundan Sun. "The colors on the packages and the shades in the collection all honor the different personalities of the royals that we are honoring," Chuter says. "We made sure the packaging was decadent to symbolize royalty. The naming of the shades brings a nod back to the culture."

The Collection

Uoma Beauty

Uoma Beauty

The visuals that accompany UOMA Beauty's Coming 2 America collaboration also pay tribute to African royal lineage. Calling them the Black Skinned Beauty portraits, the images honor nine African queens (Amina, Yaa Asantewaa, Kandake Amanirenas, Nefertiti, Makeda, Nzinga Mbande, Nandi, Moremi, and Ranavalona). Upon closer inspection, you'll notice that some of the models are donning some of the legendary costume designer Ruth E. Carter’s original looks from the film in the visuals. To bring this campaign together, Chuter was able to work alongside a dynamic team of Black creatives, including makeup artist Sir John, stylist Zerina Akers, and multimedia visual artist Trevor Stuurman. "This was a dream come true," Chuter shares. "The creative energy that day was on point and on fire. We didn’t need to say much. We just knew what to do. That doesn’t happen all the time on set. I can’t wait for the world to see this collection."

In addition to the stunning portraits, UOMA Beauty's Coming 2 America collection rollout also includes a video that guides viewers through the expression of The Black Skinned Beauty. The video's powerful sentiment is underscored by the simultaneous narration of a poem written by 12-year-old Oyinkansola Adesewa and Chuter. Ahead, take a closer look at each of the pieces.

The Products

Black Magic Metallic Lipstick
UOMA Beauty Black Magic Metallic Lipstick $22.00

Available in three shades (Not So Meeka, Peaches and Akeem, and Sexual Chocolate), these high-impact lipsticks give your lips a multidimensional luster. The formula is infused with Brazil nut oil to moisturize and nourish lips with essential minerals and vitamins.

Royal Heir-Itage Color Palette
UOMA Beauty Royal Heir-Itage Color Palette $44.00

Inspired by the queens of ancient Africa, this eyeshadow palette boasts pigmented matte shades, sparkly hues, and metallic pigments. Made with the brand's best-selling Black Magic formula, each eyeshadow shade boasts a lavish texture that is guaranteed to be long-lasting and water-resistant.

Coming 2 America Mini Color Palette
UOMA Beauty Coming 2 America Mini Color Palette $29.00

Offered in two distinct colorways (Good Morning Zamunda and Queen to Be), these mini palettes have the same draw as their larger counterpart. You'll find a vibrant mix of matte, metallic, and shimmery eyeshadow colors in this nine-pan palette.

Kajal Eyeliner
UOMA Beauty Kajal Eyeliner $18.00

The Kajal liners come in two highly-pigmented colors: Private Jet Black and Purple Reign. The silky-smooth tiro kohl liners offer a creamy (and crease-free) formula inspired by traditional ancient African eyeliner techniques. They can be used along your lash line or waterline to define your eyes.

Zamundan Glow Up Highlighter Palette
UOMA Beauty Zamundan Glow Up Highlighter Palette $30.00

You can easily give your skin a royal glow thanks to this pearl-infused highlighter palette. When you swipe on one of the three shades, you'll notice the 3D strobing, light-sculpting effect it has. The wet-powder formula is designed to lay down a smooth veil of color and melt effortlessly into your skin. 

The UOMA Beauty Limited Edition Black Magic Coming 2 America Collection will be available starting March 4 on UOMABeauty.com and starting March 5 on UltaBeauty.com, Nordstrom.com, Walmart.com, and Beautylish.com.

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