7 Beauty Products Estheticians Use (That You Don't Know About)

You're neatly tucked into one of those glorious heated beds in a fresh, white robe. Your facialist begins doing her thing—massaging, applying, and swiftly moving from one product to the next using techniques you can't see and formulas you don't recognize. Then, like magic, you're done an hour later and look brighter and wildly revitalized. But, you still have no idea what that brush-like thing was or what product was used to give you that incredible glow. Well, we're pulling back the curtain on the mystery of it all. Breaking the fourth wall, so to speak. 

I spoke with Jillian Wright, clinical esthetician and co-founder of the Indie Beauty Expo Media Group about all her best kept secrets. Below, she reveals seven of her most favorite, under-the-radar products she uses during her treatments. And now, you can use them at home to get those same results! Keep scrolling for all your new favorite products.

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