Of Course the Megan Fox and MGK Nail Polish Collab Is Inspired by Her Favorite Crystals

Megan Fox x Un/Dn Laqr is here.

Megan Fox wearing her UN/DN LAQR polish


Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have a habit of boldly displaying their love for one another on Instagram, on the red carpet, and on their fingertips—remember when they were literally chained together by their nails? Now, you can wear a symbol of the couple's love on your fingers, too, with a collab between Fox and MGK's polish brand, Un/Dn Laqr.

UN/DN LAQR Play With Fire Nail Polish Kit


The Brand

With bold manicures being a staple of his look, it wasn't a shock when MGK launched Un/Dn Laqr, a genderless nail care line that puts out edgy nail polishes that emphasize self expression ("you may wear black even when you're happy," urges the brand's website). Un/Dn Laqr embraces the mess that comes along with a manicure, encouraging customers to chip their nail polish, and not see it as something so precious, since nail polish is a form of "expression without commitment." Un/Dn Laqr takes the pressure off looking prim, and puts the fun back into nail painting—hence the word "undone" in the brand's name.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly


The Inspiration

The brand shares that this collection was borne from Fox's favorite healing crystals and gemstones, saying, "Winter is time for introspection, and these colors reflect meaningful stones to rely on." Colors like lapis lazuli blue and malachite green (which is also inspired by Fox's emerald engagement ring) were created to help ground and protect its wearer, whereas ruby red was designed to spark passion. The entire line contains shades that help center individuals while expressing themselves through color. The collection includes spiritually-named nail polish colors like "Twin Flame," "Third Eye," and "Past Life."

Megan Fox in fishnet tights


The Collection

The Megan Fox x Un/Dn Laqr collab includes five nail polish shades:

  • Twin Flame: a matte deep ruby red
  • Past Life: an electric royal blue
  • Brutal Honesty: an emerald green with a metallic finish
  • Third Eye: a pale lavender with a shimmery finish
  • Deep Breath: a moonstone glitter with iridescent specs suspended inside
Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly


If you want to get your hands on these colors (or get these colors onto your hands?), you can collect them all with the Play With Fire Kit ($90), which includes all five nail polish shades and the brand's new acrylic-handled brushes. But supposing you take UnDn Laqr's advice and decide not to commit so hard, you can opt for The Big Bang Set ($56), which contains shades Past Life, Brutal Honesty, and Deep Breath. Each set has packaging made for collecting, with a Fox-themed sleeve and keepsake Un/Dn Laqr box.

box sleeve

Un/Dn Laqr

Whether you're looking to add to your personal nail collection or are gearing up for the gift-giving season, it's wise not to sleep on the mystic Megan Fox Collection. You can purchase either set on undnlaqr.com now.

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