Behold: The 30 Best Undercuts We Found on Instagram

And they're easier to pull off than you think.

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If you're not familiar with an undercut, it's traditionally known as a hairstyle in which the back or sides of your hair are shaved underneath longer hair on top. Undercuts may seem intimidating and a little risky on the surface. But the style options for undercuts run the gamut—you'll see 30 very different looks below—and the benefits of undercuts go beyond just aesthetics.

In fact, undercuts are so amazing in particular because of their functionality. Less hair means less maintenance, and less maintenance usually means an easier lifestyle and getting-ready process. It also takes weight off, so your hair can feel more lightweight than ever. Not convinced yet? See 30 sometimes bold, sometimes subtle, and always cool undercuts for women below.

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Pattern and Pigtails

Undercuts for Women Patterned with Pigtails


A graphic undercut pairs perfectly with hair swept up in pigtail buns. (Because we'll never say no to pigtail buns.)

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Peek-a-Boo Back

Undercuts for Women Peek-a-Boo


With long hair, you can do an undercut at the nape of your neck that you can hide when you so choose. And when you want to show off your cute peek-a-boo pattern? Just throw up those locks to get all the looks.

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Long and Short

Can't quite quit your long hair? Keep one side parted and lengthy and the other buzzed for a cool asymmetrical cut that does it all.

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Sweet Swirls

When you section off a larger part of your hair for an undercut, you can have all the more fun with a pattern. We can't stop staring at this clean, swirled creation.

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Lightened Up

Undercuts for Women Bleached Ends


Play with color and cut. With a line detail separating the undercut from the top of the hair, we love the addition of bleach-blonde tips on top.

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Rose-Gold Goals

A buzzed side undercut is the perfect complement to a side-swept, layered pixie cut. That stunning rose gold hue doesn't hurt, either.

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Heart It

There are so many options for undercut designs, but we really "heart" this adorable one in particular.

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Sleek Undershave

An undershave is where the hair on the sides of your head and nape of your neck is shaved to the scalp, while the hair on the crown is styled normally at a longer length. This white-blonde version is everything.

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Short and Blunt

Undercuts for Women Blunt Bob


Take inspiration from this bold, blunt bob. The subtle undercut adds a major fashion-forward edge—and we can't get enough of those cool, flipped-in ends, either.

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Under Braids

If you love a good crown braid, you might just find that adding an undercut will make your life (and hairstyling) easier.

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Volume on Top

A stylized pixie cut is the perfect complement to an undercut. If you keep your length long on top, you'll have plenty of hair to work with every day—and this coiffed, voluminous 'do is giving us major hair envy.

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Edgy Lines

Undercuts for Women Edgy Lines


If you're getting an undercut, why not have a little fun with it? These edgy, playful lines are straight-up amazing.

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Shapes and Waves

Play around with graphic lines, shapes, and waves on your undercut. This especially goes for if you have long, thick hair, as you can hide it under in case you don't love how it turns out. But if you go to the right hairstylist, you definitely will.

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Subtle Design

If you're used to wearing your hair up high, an undercut with a subtle design is the perfect way to spice things up.

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Bleach Blonde

Could this style get any cooler? We think not. A flipped, platinum pixie pairs perfectly with a contrasting undercut.

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Subtle Sides

Undercuts for Women Subtle Sides


Go extra subtle with some simple shaved sides that are barely noticeable until you get close. (And get your hair this voluminous with our fave heavy-duty mousses here.)

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Side-Swept Pixie

Colored hair? Make a side-swept, layered pixie cut even more dramatic with a side cut in your natural hair color for a bold contrast.

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Star Power

Undercuts for Women Stars


Pick a shape you'll love showing off—like this star design that we're totally obsessed with now.

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Ponytail Undercut

If a ponytail is your go-to style and you're feeling bold, take things up a notch with a cool undercut style that'll complement your pony perfectly.

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Cheeky Pattern

Undercuts for Women Patterned


Accentuate a cheeky patterned sidecut with extra, dramatic volume on top and chic highlights.

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Braided Style

Show off your undercut with a cool braided style you'll want to wear again and again.

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Short and Sweet

A short, cute, and blonde pixie cut with sideburns shaved gradient-style? Say no more.

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Allover Buzz

Undercuts for Women Buzz


Keep things short with a buzzcut all over, accentuated by a clean linear design.

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Purple Haze

The natural-hued lowlights that cascade into an undercut are the coolest complement to this already-incredible purple layered pixie.

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Symmetrical Lines

Undercuts for Women Symmetrical Lines


Clean, symmetrical lines are the perfect pattern to complement an undercut section on the nape of your neck.

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Shaved Nape

Undercuts for Women Shaved Nape


A buzzed-nape undercut is subtle enough to be able to hide if you want to—but we think you'll want to show it off instead.

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Close Cut

There are buzzcuts—and then there are down-to-the-scalp cuts. We love the look of clean-cut sides with a perfectly styled coif on top.

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Sideburn Spotlight

Undercuts for Women Sideburn


Put the spotlight on your sideburns (and make your ponytails even cooler) with a subtle linear undercut design above your ears.

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Splash of Color

Back view of woman with two braided space buns and a patterned red undercut


Make your undercut even more of a statement by dying it a splashy hue, like this punchy red. The red highlights throughout and the braided hairstyle take it to the next level.

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Subtle Lines

Ask for simple lines on your undercut to amp it up—while still keeping it super subtle.

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