PSA: This Is What Byrdie Editors Are Shopping for Right Now

As beauty editors, we’ll find any excuse to stock up on new products.  Traveling? Gotta get more skincare. Change of seasons? Need new everything. Can you blame us? When a retailer’s goal is to meet every imaginable need (we’re looking at you Ulta Beauty), we’d be crazy not to take advantage. Sure, we have our tried-and-true favorites, but we’re always pleased to discover a new or under the radar brand or product and Ulta Beauty makes that possible. No other retailer marries affordable picks and luxe brands quite like it (or carries as many items across all categories). So, even though we’re Ulta Beauty regulars, there’s always something new for us to explore when we visit. Below we share what's in our carts now. From lip oils to potent face masks, these are the items that have our editors clicking "buy now."

Like what you see? Stock up on more Ulta Beauty must-haves to make this fall the best season yet.