In Surprising News, the #1 Fragrance at Ulta Is a Celebrity Perfume

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There are certain celebrity fragrances that, through the years, have earned an iconic reputation. J.Lo Glo was probably one of the first, in all of its sultry, musky glory. Personally, one whiff of Britney Spears Fantasy instantly brings me back to my dorm at USC, a bad breakup haircut, and a certain lanky boy with blue eyes. Over the years, the thirst for celebrity fragrances seems to have dwindled, with people favoring smaller indie brands and moving away from the idea that buying a perfume by Paris Hilton might help you turn into a DJ in Ibiza too. There’s one celebrity who still has that special power—the one who makes you want to buy everything she’s deemed worthy or lent her name to. That would be Ariana Grande, pop star extraordinaire, lover of ponytails, singer of female power anthems.

Grande launched her fragrance Cloud ($62) with this simple reasoning: “I love clouds, and I love this new fragrance.” Honestly, that's all I needed to hear. Armed with the simple yet inexplicably effective phrase, I dubiously tried the fragrance myself. Containing top notes of lavender, pear, and bergamot; a heart of coconut, praline, and vanilla orchid; and a base note of cashmere, the scent is a blend of sweet and sultry—just like Ariana herself. Frankly, I love it. There’s something about it that makes me happy and want to don bunny ears and a miniskirt and prance around with a microphone in my hand, declaring God is a woman. Apparently, it has that effect on other people, too. It’s now the number one fragrance at Ulta Beauty. Did Ariana just singlehandedly usher in the era of celebrity fragrances? Will she dethrone Kim Kardashian West as the one person who can make you want to buy her scent just to have something with her name on it?

Time will tell, but in the meantime, you can shop her fragrance below, along with some other celebrity fragrances #justbecause. 

Ariana Grande Cloud $62
SJP Stash $75
Ariana Grande Moonlight $62
Britney Spears Fantasy $24
KKW Body
KKW Body $60

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