These Are the Best Products to Buy During Ulta's 21 Days of Beauty Sale

Ulta's 21 Days of Beauty Sale is a glorious annual event during which the beauty retailer slashes prices on an incredible set of products each day. Think of it like an Advent calendar in September. Starting on Sunday, September 3, and running through Saturday, September 23, Ulta will mark down a selected number of products each day. You have one day to shop those products until the new ones hit the sale space on the next day. Cool, right? It's even cooler when you consider that products from our most beloved brands will be marked upward of 50% off.

It's exciting, but it's also a little FOMO-inducing. We're all busy, and no matter how much we'd love to have time to check Ulta's sale every single day, life might get in the way. That's why we're putting together our favorite sale product from each day. (You know, so you can be prepared.) Keep scrolling to see our favorite sale products from all 21 days! If something piques your interest, make a note to log on to Ulta's website that day because a major deal will be waiting for you.

If you're interested in seeing all the discounted products, head over to Ulta's website. In the meantime, read about the best new launches at Sephora this month.