This U-Shaped Weight Will Tone Your Entire Body

Maybe it's a lot to ask that there be some kind of magical tool that can help us get in a full-body workout anytime, anywhere. But consider our demands met, thanks to an innovative new weight that's effective, travel-friendly... and, better yet, decor-friendly. (Because while we don't expect our fitness equipment to be anything more than an eyesore, it's a wonderful surprise when something is actually kind of chic.)

The Ubarre ($185) is a sleek U-shaped weight created by Kodi Kitchen, an L.A.-based actress turned fitness guru. "We like to say it's the sexiest way to tone your core, arms, chest, and back," she says. All of this is possible thanks to its innovative design, which, in addition to its obvious weight, also encourages isometric hold: By squeezing the Ubarre, you contract all of your muscles as you work. (This kind of static hold is why planks are so effective in toning the whole body.) 

"You always want to keep your shoulders down, and your back, legs, and core engaged," Kitchen explains. "This simple act helps to work the core and tone the arms and the chest. When you are using the lateral muscles to help pull your shoulders down and engage them, you not only externally help to tone the area but internally work to help the posture, as well."


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But the beauty of this is that while when you're in a plank, you can't do much else. The Ubarre is designed to give you these same benefits combined with other exercises. "Squeeze the U while you do squats, lunges, and tons of basic moves," Kitchen advises. 

The weight is currently available in 4- and 8-pound versions; choose a silver or gold finish. Later this year, 12- and 16-pound Ubarres are set to launch just in time for Christmas, giving you a leg up on that New Year's resolution, even if you're jet-setting somewhere in between. And if you need some exercise inspiration, look no further than Ubarre's website for upcoming tutorials and routines. (Each weight comes with a booklet of moves, too.)

Would you ever try the Ubarre? What's your favorite way to stay in shape on the go? Tell us in the comments below!