U Beauty's New Eye Cream Took Three Years to Perfect—Here's Why

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U Beauty

Ah, eye creams. While some may argue using an eye-specific moisturizer is useless, I (and medical experts) beg to differ. Eye creams are typically formulated with gentler, eye-safe ingredients that work to target specific concerns (think: dark circles, fine lines, and puffiness). With this in mind, I'm constantly testing different eye creams in pursuit of the one that helps me achieve the most hydrated, smoothest under-eyes.

U Beauty's The Return Eye Concentrate is the latest one to land on my desk, and considering the brand's track record with innovative launches (like the Barrier Bioactive Treatment), I was eager to test it out. Ahead, founder Tina Craig shares the inspiration behind the product and what makes it unique. Plus, my review.

The Inspiration 

U Beauty eye cream

U Beauty

For Craig, this launch is personal. "During the development of The Return Eye Concentrate, I was going through a lot of changes, including the dissolution of a 20-year marriage," she shares. "I spent many sleepless nights crying, and the first area that suffered was my eyes." 

She noticed her eyes appeared more swollen and dull, prompting her to research the scientific cause. "That's when I discovered the term' leaky vessels,' used among medical scientists and doctors," she notes. "It describes the vascular permeability of weakened vessels beneath the skin that collect stagnant fluid and cause puffiness and discoloration." 

With this knowledge, Craig began thinking about the eye creams she's tried and how they have (or haven't) addressed these concerns. "I've tried every great eye cream on the market, and even the best offer some benefits but don't address all our concerns: fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles, and discoloration," she explains. "The Return Eye Concentrate treats all of those issues."

The Formula 

The Return Eye Concentrate
U Beauty The Return Eye Concentrate $148.00

U Beauty has become known for its science-backed formulas. Specifically, proprietary patent-pending Siren Capsule Technology powers the brand's products. Essentially, the capsules are infused with a blend of nourishing and renewing ingredients tailored to each product. However, the true magic lies in how the technology works. The molecular structure of the Siren Capsules ensures ingredients are delivered only where free radicals accumulate (i.e., where your skin is compromised). 

With The Return Eye Concentrate, Craig included two types of Siren Capsules. "I asked our bio-chemists to develop dual Sirens to defend our delicate eye skin on two levels," she notes. "The Bio-Siren addresses those 'leaky vessels' and the dark circles accompanying them. The Macro-Siren targets the issues we see with the naked eye. It tightens, smooths, and hydrates, giving you a subtle glow." The former is infused with plankton extract, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, and peptides. Meanwhile, the latter is comprised of beta-glucan, high-weight hyaluronic acid, and organic stevia extract. 

However, creating such a high-performance eye cream wasn't without trial and error. "It's taken over three years and multiple formulations to arrive at this final and perfected iteration," Craig says. "I'd approved a different formulation two years ago but pivoted because I realized the formula was greatly effective at hydration and renewal but didn't address puffiness and dark circles as well as I wanted." 

How to Use It 

This eye cream will fit seamlessly into any morning or nighttime skincare routine; however, Craig has a few tips. "Apply it morning and night after The Resurfacing Compound and before The Super Hydrator," she notes. "Just a little dab underneath and around the eyes."

My Review

Olivia Hancock

Olivia Hancock

I've been using The Return Eye Concentrate for a week now. Upon dispensing the product onto my fingertip, I was impressed with how smooth and creamy it felt. It blends effortlessly into the skin, leaving no greasy or oily residue behind. My biggest under-eye concerns are dryness, puffiness, and dullness. However, since I started using this eye cream, I've noticed that the skin around my eyes is softer, bouncier, and less puffy. The hydration benefits of The Return Eye Concentrate are also noteworthy. Whether I apply it in the morning or evening, my under-eye always remains moisturized for hours. Overall, this cream helps my under-eye area look refreshed, and I'm excited to keep using it.

The Return Eye Concentrate will retail for $148 with U Beauty, Violet Grey, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Cos Bar, Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdale's, and more.

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