U Beauty Is Finally Launching a Body Cream—And It's Next Level

U Beauty Super Body Hydrator

U Beauty

U Beauty's launches never fail to conjure excitement. However, the brand's newest product—the Super Body Hydrator—is its most-anticipated release yet. Since debuting the brand's signature facial moisturizer, The Super Hydrator, in 2020, founder Tina Craig says supporters have been begging for a body version. "There was a huge demand from customers who wanted to be drenched in The Super from head to toe," she says. "Many were using the face formula on their bodies already."

Though she's well-immersed in the skincare industry, Craig says she too struggled to find a body hydrator she loved. Specifically, many of the products she encountered were sticky, messy, or didn't absorb quickly. Her frustrations inspired her and the U Beauty team to develop the most effective hydrating and toning formula they could.

The Super Body Hydrator took years to develop, and Craig drew inspiration from an unexpected source during the process—fashion mogul and model Kimora Lee Simmons. "I remember reading in Vogue about 15 years ago that she used luxury face cream as a full-body cream," Craig says. "When I was developing The Super Body, I kept thinking about that article. Our bodies deserve the same level of care we show our faces–and require equally unique ingredients."

Our bodies deserve the same level of care we show our faces–and require equally unique ingredients.

With this in mind, the U Beauty development team infused The Super Body Hydrator with its powerhouse proprietary technology and new targeted ingredients. Across all U Beauty products, you'll find Siren Capsule Technology (which enables the delivery of key anti-aging actives to your skin) and Siren and Hydra-Siren Capsules (both carry hydration-boosting ingredients to your skin). However, the brand tweaked each one slightly to meet your body's needs better. 

The Super Body Hydrator
U Beauty The Super Body Hydrator $128.00

"The skin on the body is different from the skin on the face," vice president of research and development Caroline Sands says. "It’s thicker, and since it has fewer sebaceous glands, the skin on the body is often dryer. The key to efficacy is ensuring ingredients get where they need to go in the skin to elicit the most significant impact. We harnessed the power of the dual Siren Technology and reformulated it to address the body’s specific needs."

The lineup of new ingredients includes a blend of humectants, emollients, and peptides. The full formula rundown includes: hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, shea butter, a mix of oils (like avocado, grapeseed, and organic argan), purified oat extract, hydrolyzed walnut extract, b-glucan (fermented polysaccharide), and matrixyl palmitoyl pentapeptide-4. 

The key to efficacy is ensuring ingredients get where they need to go in the skin to elicit the most significant impact.

The R&D team is particularly excited about the inclusion of the latter due to its toning benefits. "A big focus of this product is matrikine peptide, which is clinically validated and made up of five amino acids (the building blocks of all proteins)," Sands says. "With age, the body produces less collagen, which affects skin’s structural integrity. This peptide is shown to optimize collagen and elastin synthesis, helping visibly re-densify, tone, and strengthen the skin's extracellular matrix."

These ingredients come together to create a luxurious cream that effortlessly melts into your skin and provides 48 hours of hydration. "You can apply it to dry or damp skin, depending on your preference," Sands points out. "I recommend applying The Sculpt Arm Compound first to dry skin, and then seal it in with The Super Body."

After slathering it on your limbs for 30 days, Sands says you'll notice a significant improvement in your skin. "You'll experience visibly strengthened, contoured skin with a boosted moisture shield and anti-aging effects," she notes.

If you're ready to treat your body to a powerful dose of hydration, you can grab U Beauty's latest launch on the brand's website or at retailers such as Violet Grey, Net-a-Porter, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

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