U Beauty's New Serum Acts Like Liquid Spanx for Your Arms [Exclusive]

It's clinically tested to tone and tighten the arm area.

Woman balancing serum on arm

U Beauty

Much has been made of the younger generations' obsession with instant gratification, and I have to admit I'm guilty of it, too. Maybe it's the result of growing up with a supercomputer perma-glued to my hand, but the need-it-now mentality really shows up after a workout when I immediately start examining my reflection for anything resembling a visible muscle line. Fortunately, science finally caught up to my childlike impatience.

U Beauty's newest high-tech product, The SCULPT Arm Compound ($98), is an arm serum clinically proven to not only visibly tighten skin, but also accelerate the results of your workout. In clinical trials conducted by the brand, every volunteer saw a 100 percent increase in visible toning results over exercise alone—that means applying the serum along with your daily workout delivers at twice the usual rate. As the third item in Tina Craig's U Beauty lineup, SCULPT is powered by the same patent-pending technology found in all U Beauty products. Called SIREN Capsules, the proprietary technology encapsulate a slew of skin-perfecting ingredients like retinol, vitamin C, antioxidants, and oxygen-promoting enzymes. SIREN stimulates faster cell turnover to reveal smoother, more luminous skin along with attracting and neutralizing free radicals, the volatile atoms that contribute to physical signs of aging.

SCULPT benefits not only from the original SIREN Capsules, but also a specially-formulated edition called SCULPT-SIREN engineered to target arms and their unique needs with a blend of marine extracts, probiotics, and ferments that funnel oxygen and key nutrients into skin. Critically, the the capsules' active ingredients recreate the signal sent to muscles during exercise that makes them tighten and contract, effectively mimicking a workout. The final effect is something Craig describes as akin to shapewear for your arms, increasing tautness, smoothing fine lines and discoloration while delivering hydration and building muscle.

Key Ingredients

Marine extract may sound like bottled sea creatures, but it's actually a combination of ocean-harvested botanicals, and organisms like assorted types of algae, which are rich with natural antioxidants and moisture-binding properties. Marine extract is a key ingredient in many anti-aging products thanks to vitamin- and mineral-filled seawater, which natural concentrates on the harvest-worthy materials. Types of seaweed in particular are coveted for natural stores of vitamin C and glycine, both of which stimulate collagen production and cell turnover.

U Beauty founder and social media fashion titan Tina Craig (AKA @bagsnob) says the idea to introduce an arm serum as the line's third product came from personal frustrations with her own arms and workouts, realizing that her concerns lay beyond size. "It's the texture and quality of the skin I was never able to change," Craig explains to Byrdie exclusively. "I think a lot of women struggle with their arms—it has nothing to do with being thin but achieving a more sculpted, tauter look."

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U Beauty

Part of SCUPLT's efficacy comes from its attention to the ways in which arm skin is different from other types of skin, the same way lip and under-eye skin also require specific products to meet unique needs. Despite seeing more exposure than most body parts, arms and their skin are surprisingly delicate and susceptible to dryness which leads to visible aging. Craig and her team developed the formula with a fleet of cosmetic scientists, a process that took years to perfect. "It sounded crazy, but finally—after years of research and development and dozens of rounds of testing—it's a real thing," Craig says. "I can honestly say The SCULPT Arm Compound unlike anything you've ever used."

White bottle of serum
U Beauty The SCULPT Arm Compound $98

Folding the serum into your existing fitness routine is simple, as it works regardless of when you apply it. "I like to work out first thing in the morning to get it out of the way," Craig shares with Byrdie. "I'll usually do a mix of push-ups and planks, incorporate resistance bands and lately, I've been loving Pilates by Amanda. Then I shower, apply The SCULPT and my skin instantly feels firmer, tighter and healthier."

It's clear the future is now, and U Beauty ushered it in. Now if you'll excuse me, I have an arm serum to apply.

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