Exclusive: Tyra Banks on Cheekbone Envy and Her 3-Minute Makeup Routine

Five minutes into our conversation with model, producer, and original Smizer (smiling with your eyes, for the unschooled) Tyra Banks, and it’s clear why she’s the perfect person to launch a makeup line. “Without makeup, I never would have been a model, much less a supermodel,” she tells us matter-of-factly. “People say to me, ‘Oh my God, you’re so naturally beautiful!' I say, ‘Natural, my ass! This is something I created.'” Her candor is refreshing, especially in a world where celebrities and models tout “effortless” beauty as the ultimate ideal—leaving those of us who are aren't blessed with model genes in the dust.

Enter: Tyra Beauty, Banks’ new line of makeup products that she swears will change the beauty game for all women. Watch out for the line's dazzling two-hour launch on HSN on November 7 and keep scrolling to read our interview!