Typology Is a Buzzy Parisian Beauty Line Full of Elevated Staples

Simplicity done right.



Between the onslaught of buzzy derm-backed brands to the tidal wave of celebrity skincare (and everything in between), we're inundated with new product drops in our feeds and beauty aisles. With so many options, investing in products usually comes down to personal values like aesthetics, ingredients, or company ethos. Still, a brand comes along periodically and checks off all the boxes, and Typology fits the bill.

The brand is a new skincare line with a strong Parisian sensibility. "One of our goals is to help our customers embrace their skin as they age, rather than trying to chase eternal youth," the brand's founder Ning Li says. "We want to help people feel comfortable and confident as they age."

To help achieve this mission, Typology offers a wide range of products across the hair, skin, and body categories. Each product targets specific concerns, from hydration, dullness, sensitivity, and even hormonal imbalance. Ahead, we break down everything you need to know about the buzzy brand.

About the Brand

At first glance, Typology reads as both sophisticated and sleek thanks to minimal packaging, but the products really deliver. "We're well-known in France for being a clean skincare brand," says Li, adding that the company doesn't allow harmful ingredients (like silicones or nano-particles) to enter the process during product development.

According to Li, what makes Typology different is what the brand doesn't use. "Even some ingredients that may be acceptable from a dermatology perspective may make it to our ban list if they are sourced in a way that isn't sustainable," Li explains. He adds that Typology abides by the regulations of the EU for product manufacturing but thoroughly studies any ingredients that could potentially be harmful to people or the environment. "Our philosophy is not to add anything to our products to make them stand out; instead, we pare them back and distill each formula down to the most essential, naturally active ingredients."

This pared-back approach has resulted in many options, from moisturizers, lip scrubs, peels, scalp care, deodorants, and more. With most ingredients sourced in Europe and then formulated in the brand's Paris-based lab, the company's vigilant guidelines even extend to how the ingredients are produced, which involves no child labor or animal testing. Li says that, above all, Typology prides itself on transparency as its packaging not only includes the ingredient deck but also an explanation of why everything is included in the formula. So, what you see is what you get.

Sustainably Packaged and Priced

Environmentally conscious consumers are driving home the importance of investing in sustainable brands, and companies are listening. It's why Typology is committed to reducing its carbon footprint. Last year the brand switched to 100 percent recycled aluminum while reducing waste in the fulfillment process by using small shipping packaging and eliminating double packing. Typology also utilizes amber glass to protect products from light to minimize potential UV deterioration so customers can use each formula to the last drop without the risk of over-exposure.

In addition to offering nicely packaged and efficacious products, Typology has kept its products at an affordable price point. Currently, the brand's blemish serum is $22 while its peppermint toner is $14, both relatively competitive prices in today's market. "We are currently only available online on our website, which means that we don't have to worry about losing margins to retailers or resellers like other brands," he adds.

While reasonably commonplace in the fashion industry, this direct-to-consumer model is still a relatively new strategy in the beauty world, giving them an advantage over competitors. "This results in simplification, the ability to order greater quantities, save on costs, ultimately allowing us to keep our prices lower," says Li.

A Modern Apothecary

Typology pulls its apothecary-driven look from the French pharmacy heritage, where products were mixed in-house and smacked with a simple, descriptive label. Think: Tall, flat bottles with typeface font that lend themselves to "shelfies" and counter displays. Li says that Typology product names are straightforward, highlighting active ingredients without making over-promising claims. "We're a modern take on the traditional apothecary."

With a roster of nearly 100 products, Typology is a comprehensive line with something for everyone's needs. "Because we don't believe in one-size fits all solutions. We want to ensure we have a wide assortment of products that help us tailor our prescriptions to the customer's concerns," says Li. "We have dedicated ranges for skin, body, hair, and scalp care along with a new natural deodorant."

According to Li, some of Typology's best-sellers include the Nine Ingredient Moisturizing Cream ($27) and the night serums that blend botanical and essential oils. Li's personal favorite is the Tinted Serum ($38), packed with vitamin C and squalene that leaves skin with a dewy glow while improving texture and appearance over time. Li says that while his recently-launched tinted lip oils and mascara serum are instant hits, he's excited to launch the "Better Aging" range this month, a collection of products that preserve skin integrity, along with addressing some concerns that come along with aging, adding to Typology's already impressive (and effective) lineup.

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