This Is the Secret to Never Having a Bad Hair Day Again

Updated 01/27/18

There are so many different types of hairbrushes out there, and the right one can make all the difference. Tangles are never a good look, so to ensure a good hair day, every day you need a small and perfectly formed collection of brushes to cover all of your hair’s needs. (Yep, hair is needy.) We recently spoke to Ken O’Rourke, a Charles Worthington hair ambassador who works with everyone from Kristen Stewart and Emilia Clarke to Rita Ora and Karlie Kloss—and he revealed the hairbrushes you need to buy now.

Keep reading to identify the types of hairbrush you could benefit from.

The Paddle brush

Tangle Teezer Half Paddle Blow Styler $18

The smart design of this brush means you can get tension through the hair for a salon-worthy blow-dry with zero skill involved, and it’s plastic, so it’s ideal for vegans.

the large round brush

Moroccanoil Ceramic Barrel Brush 55mm $17

A large round brush is a must for anyone with fine hair who wants to get a little oomph into the roots. This ceramic, vented brush will blow air into the hair more effectively. Just remember that the hot air dries the hair, while the cool shot will help set the hair in place.

The detangling brush

Hershesons Knot My Problem Brush $8

Use this easy-to-grip brush in the shower when your hair is wet and loaded with conditioner for easy, tug-free detangling. Works well on natural hair, too. Knots? What knots?

the fine-tooth comb

Ghd Tail Comb $8

Want to create a neat parting? Or section your hair when braiding? Then you need a pintail comb. The pointed handle allows you to section with precision, while the comb is great for pulling the hair back into slick updos.

the wide-tooth comb

Breezelike No Static Wavy Handle Green Sandalwood Wide Tooth Comb $13

A wide-tooth comb is an alternative to the detangling in-shower brushes out there. Remember: Starting at the ends and using a comb, work your way up to the roots when tackling tangles.

the finishing brush

Mason Pearson Bristle and Nylon Junior Medium Size Brush BN2 $69 $63

Pricey, yes, but this brush will last a lifetime. Use it to brush out tonged curls and create a more relaxed waves, or to smooth straight hair. Vegan? Try this Cosmundi Wooden Brush With Plastic Bristles (£12) instead.

Next up, how to style curly hair like a pro.

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