30 Low-Maintenance, Twisted Styles to Try Right Now

woman wearing short twist hairstyle with brown beads

Having natural hair means we can twist, braid, straighten, and embrace the coils that grow from our scalps, and that diversity is pretty magical. And since we're on the topic of what our curls can do, let's talk about a style that seems to be everywhere these days: Twists.

Twists are a favorite among naturals everywhere. I would imagine the love of twists comes from the ability to wear them short, with or without extensions, and in intricate updos. The styling possibilities are endless, and based on the exact twist style you choose, they can last for around six weeks.

Mini twists are one of our favorite ways to wear the twist style, because they last for up to two months (since they are easy to cleanse without disrupting the hard work that went into styling them). Here's what maintenance is like for this style: Be kind to your edges, get rid of build-up, and don't forget a wrap your hair with a silk scarf at night. Other than that, just enjoy this gorgeous, relatively low-maintenance style. Ahead, find 25 examples of twisted styles you can recreate at home or use as a reference for your stylist.

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Beaded Twists

Even if you're wearing twists sans extensions, that doesn't mean you can't bring the drama. Try some beads on your ends, but be sure to use an elastic band that won't damage your ends.

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Let Your Natural Texture Shine Through

Twists don't always have to be snatched. What I love about these twists are how natural they look because we see Nicole Ari Parker's texture even while in a protective style. 

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The Twisted Updo

Lupita's twisted updo is as eye-catching as it is elegant. Take a page out of her book and add a pop of color to your makeup look since this style will show off your gorgeous face. 

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Blue Twists Locs

Locs are just as versatile as any other hair type, and these blue twisted locs confirm that.

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The Lose Twist Out

No matter your hair type, mini twists can be an effective way to protect your hair while creating a style you can enjoy up to 4 weeks. 

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Wrapped Twists

For some twisting the hair serves as a foundation for the perfect twist out, prompting those that opt to try this style to leave them in for 3 to 4 days. If you want to add some oomph to the twists while they're baking, try a scarf. 

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Shoulder-Length Jumbo Twists

Jumbo twists are ideal for those of us that love protective styles without the sometimes time-intensive process it takes to install them. 

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Put It Up

We love a protective style updo, but be careful with adding too much tension or weight to your edges or scalp to avoid any hair loss.

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Go To Havana

Havana twists are a forever favorite. Here we see medium-sized twists, but you can go smaller or larger with Havana twists since the hair is typically lighter than extensions used for braids.

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Brown Beaded Twists

Brown beads on brown skin showcase the monochromatic trend at its best. 

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Face-Framing Twists

Spring twists are always a good idea, given their light texture. The fringe around the face frames the face while the hair is pulled back.

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Twisted-Finger Waves

Though this look is braided, you could still create a similar style with twists for an elegant evening out or special occasion.

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Shoulder-Length Spring Twists

Here is another example of how to wear spring twists at a shorter length. One other detail I like about this style are the rubber bands securing the blunt ends.  

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Twisted Space Buns

Space buns and stylized baby hair make this version of twists pop — and I bet this took under 15 minutes to create. Who says beauty has to take all day (though I'm not mad when it does)?

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Go Boho

Beauty chameleon Ciara is giving us boho vibes with her gold-adorned twists. Here she shows us, adding an accessory like sunglasses can add to your look with minimal effort. 

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Side-Swept Twists

Side parts work well on all face shapes, and Britt's oval face is no different.

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Parted Twisted Updo

Between the off the shoulder top, red lip, and side-swept updo, I want to recreate this entire look. Neffy reminds us that each beauty element we add, no matter how subtle, makes a difference.

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A Twisted Afro Puff

Twists can be incorporated in unique ways, as we see here, with this play on texture. 

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Gold Adorned Shoulder-Length Havana Twists

Parting can add a unique element to a protective style like the large square parting we see here. The parting and the gold additions are simple additions that pack a major beauty punch.

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Tic-Tac-Toe Twists

When I saw Faith's hair, I instantly thought of tic-tac-toe. Adding intriguing visual elements to short styles is one way to play up cropped looks. 

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Gray Yarn Twists

My first time seeing yarn used for braids was today, and the innovative idea had me shook and inspired. 

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Cropped Half-Up Half-Down Twists

Having short hair doesn't mean you can only try a few styles. The beaded details on the sides of the hair make this a style recreate at home.

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Go Blonde (Temporarily)

Take a page out of Brandy's protective style handbook and try on some blonde hues.

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Cropped Mini Twists

I love seeing natural's wear hats. I stopped purchasing hats when I went natural because they no longer fit, but with the right style, anything is possible.

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Flat Twisted Bantu Knots

Mixed media art, well, in this case, mixed hair artistry makes it easy to add a fresh spin to historical classics. A pomade, rubber bands, and a steady hand (for precision parting) is all you'll need to recreate this showstopping style.

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Twisted Pigtails

You're never too old to wear two ponytails, and this bead look makes trying out a childhood go-to worthwhile.

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Cropped Fringe Mini Twists

Juicy twists are every natural's post-wash day dream. To help you twist out go the extra mile, style them as JD did here before unraveling your curls.

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Jumbo Flat Twists

If you enjoy stretched wavy hair, short flat twists make the ideal foundation. For extra wavy coils, leave your flat twists in for a few days and your hair will be as wavy as the deep blue sea (I know that was corny, but you all get the metaphor).

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Flat Twisted Updo

Here we have another example of how short hair can be reimagined into a stunning updo fit for any special occasion.

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Side-Parted Twisted Do

You'll want to flip through this photo gallery to see all this twisted style has to offer.

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