Double Vision: 2 Cool-Girl Twins Freestyle Spring 2018's Biggest Beauty Trends

Tia and Tamera Mowry, Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen, the Property Brothers… America has an obsession with famous twins (and twins in general, really). Our enthrallment with duplicate humans makes sense when you consider the rarity of them: Getting two kids for the price of one (metaphorically speaking, of course) occurs in only three out of 100 births. So it’s really no wonder that when we meet a pair, especially one as stylish, intriguing, and perfectly coordinated as fraternal twins Chrystal and Chrystian Brooks, the subjects of our Double Vision video shoot, we want to know everything about what it’s like to live with a carbon copy of yourself.

Certainly there are the classic inquiries twins get every time: Do you ever try to trick people into thinking you’re the other? Do you ever finish each other’s sentences? Have you ever fought over having a crush on the same person? But with Chrystal and Chrystian—two up-and-coming model types from Louisiana, whose vivid, ethereal Instagram accounts you could get lost in all afternoon—we only wanted to know about one thing: What inspires their aesthetic, both as a pair and as individuals?

I first met the duo on set at Byrdie’s studio, as they sat side by side in two makeup chairs, twin sheet masks draped over their faces, making it slightly harder to tell the two apart. Still at the beginning of their modeling careers (and already shy by nature), the sisters are refreshingly unaccustomed to having recorders shoved in their faces and excessively chatty beauty reporters (guilty) interrogate them about their skincare routines and beauty inspirations.

But once the sheet masks came off and we started warming up to each other, it became clear that despite their exceedingly well-harmonized afros, no-makeup vibes, and brightly colored clothes, there are differences between the Brooks sisters. They are fraternal, after all. One has dry skin; one has combination. One is quicker to respond to my cheeky interview questions, while the other hangs back, a little quieter. Not to mention a rousing game of Fuck/Marry/Kill, Beauty Edition, revealed that when pressed, the Brooks twins don’t have the exact same taste in skincare, makeup, and food.

They may be two chic sides of the same coin, but the sides are distinct—and these images of our newest muses freestyling spring 2018’s coolest beauty trends reflect that.