20 Important Turmeric Uses for Clearer Skin, Shinier Hair, and More

There was a time when I used to DIY the bulk of my beauty routine. From hair masks to shampoo to moisturizer, I was perpetually amazed to see my skin and hair transform with ingredients I had dug from the depths of my pantry.

I fancied myself a bit of a geek in this respect; I remember googling the science behind omega-3s and the chemistry of jojoba, almond, and coconut oils—all the better to see which would absorb more easily into my skin. It was largely through this hobby that I came to understand the immense power of plant ingredients—something that has shaped my routine and lifestyle to this day.

While I still dabble a little in DIY, nowadays I stick with plant-based products I know and love—owing in part to the fact that I no longer have hours to kill between college classes, but mainly because there are so many brands crafting far more incredible all-natural formulas than I, the scrappy amateur, ever could.

Even in the last two or three years, the market has become drastically different: Green beauty is a much larger piece of the pie, and even the brands that aren’t exclusively natural are tuning into this trend and harnessing the far-reaching, science-backed benefits of nature-born ingredients. And right now, few plants are experiencing more crossover and praise than turmeric.

Keep reading to see how to use turmeric for skin and hair. 

This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.