The Incredible Benefits of Turmeric From Brain Function to Heart Health


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It's easy to see why turmeric has become one of the most popular spices in the wellness category. The medicinal herb and powerful anti-inflammatory agent has long been used as the main healing herb in Ayurvedic medicine, but now its restorative powers have been recognized by the masses. So why is everyone stocking up on a bottle of the bold spice? The benefits of turmeric are difficult to count. From providing added mental clarity (and combatting Alzheimer's) to helping to protect against cancer, turmeric benefits, especially that of one of its healing compounds, curcumin, span a breadth of health concerns.

Daily use of turmeric protects cells from free radical damage (slowing down signs of aging), aids digestion, and regulates metabolism, enhances the health of internal organs, and heals wounds while acting as a natural pain reliever. We've outlined (just some of) the benefits of turmeric below in case you need a refresher or if you're looking to incorporate turmeric into your daily regimen—whether that means popping a capsule or integrating the spice into your cooking. Keep scrolling to learn the incredible benefits of turmeric.

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