This Cool Floral Scent Will Be Huge This Spring

"Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking," you're saying. Hear us out: Tuberose is shaping up to be the It fragrance of the season, and likely because it isn't your classically romantic rose. Where many blooms can veer on the side of sweet and cloying, tuberose boasts an exotic, sharp green note that lends it more of an edge. It's heady and seductive, and it has a long history of being associated with sensuality and desire. It's thus essentially the perfect floral for people who typically hate florals (spoken by one such person). 

With this kind of appeal, it's unsurprising yet no less noteworthy that tuberose takes the lead in a handful of the year's most anticipated fragrance launches—not to mention some of our tried-and-true favorites. Click through the gallery below to find a tuberose-scented perfume of your own.

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