True Botanicals' First Makeup Product Is Like Glass Skin in a Bottle

Plus, it has SPF 30.

Model wearing and holding the True Botanicals Everyday Skin Tint

True Botanicals

True Botanicals' mission can be summed up in two words: Elevated skincare. With their latest launch, True Botanicals Everyday Skin Tint ($54), the brand's bringing that philosophy to no-makeup makeup. The Everyday Skin Tint is designed to give you a glowing, skin-like finish, while keeping skin moisturized and protected.

The formula can be the perfect base for a more done look, but it's also a great product to wear solo to give skin a little polish. Not to mention, the multitasking formula has already won over makeup artist Vincent Oquendo, who works with celebrities like Gabrielle Union, Kiernan Shipka, and Nicole Richie—AKA, all people known for their incredibly glowing skin.

So, what sets this product apart from other tinted moisturizers? The non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic formula is designed to act like a second skin. It's made for a natural finish, evening out your complexion and adding a subtle glow without ever looking like a heavy foundation.

Ahead, all the details on True Botanicals Everyday Skin Tint and our honest review.

True Botanicals Everyday Skin Tint

Best For: All skin types

Key Ingredients: Milk thistle, non-nano zinc, squalane

Product Claims: SPF 30 tinted moisturizer that has a glass-like finish

Why We Love It: Blends easily into skin, comes in 24 shades, and is easy sun protection

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The Product

Made without silicones, waxes, or synthetic oils, the Everyday Skin Tint is formulated to work for all skin types and skin concerns, from aging to acne-prone skin. No matter your skin type, the product is made to blend in seamlessly for a second-skin feel. It adds a subtle glow to any complexion, and the 24 shade range is designed to work for all skin tones.

The Everyday Skin Tint's ingredient list is full of skin-loving ingredients like milk thistle, an anti-inflammatory antioxidant that moisturizes skin; non-nano zinc, an environment-safe ingredient that protects skin from UVA and UVB rays; and squalane, which keeps skin healthy by regulating oil production and sealing in moisture. All in all, the product is formulated to work with your skin, all while making it look its best.

True Botanicals Everyday Skin Tint
True Botanicals Everyday Skin Tint $54.00

The Hype

Glass-like skin and the "clean girl aesthetic" go hand-in-hand, so it's no surprise that TikTok is a fan of this formula. On the app, there are plenty of before-and-after videos featuring the product—and the consensus seems to be that it ticks all the right boxes.

"I'm going for that makeup where it doesn't look like you're wearing makeup. It feels like skin," one TikToker explained why she liked the skin tint. "This is so perfect for everyday... It feels like an extension of your own skin."

If you're looking for a minimalistic makeup routine, this might be the perfect product to start using. "This is beautiful. This is a skin tint, so this is for someone who wants to walk out of the house, but feel a little bit more alive," one TikToker explained. "I would use this. One product [and I'm] out the house."

According to her, the best part is the glowy finish. She said, "It's giving a nice glow, and that's what I think is the best part about a good skin tint."

Still not sure? Another TikToker praised the Everyday Skin Tint for the glow and light feel. "Loving this so far. I feel like it's giving me a nice, natural glow," she said in her video. "[It] covered up some blemishes here, and honestly I don't feel like there's anything on my skin."

My Review

Hannah wearing the True Botanicals Skin Tint

Hannah Kerns

The Everyday Skin Tint has a lightweight feel that was a great base for my go-to light makeup (concealer, eyeliner, and mascara). Though it color corrects, the effect is subtle. In other words, my skin still looked like skin, even post-application. As someone who shies away from full-coverage products, I really liked the overall effect. Even if it didn't have SPF 30 and a bunch of other hydrating ingredients, I'd probably turn to this skin tint regularly for a naturally polished look. As of now, it's a regular in my makeup rotation, especially on those days I just want a little extra glow.

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